Mandragora - mythicmay challenge

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Greetings HIVEans
Time for another mythical creature form #mythicmay challenge ( check out instagram user @charamath for whole list as she is the author of that specific challenge)

Today's prompt



Mandrake root resembles a human figure. Probably that's why people used to believe that mandragoras root is a demon and when pulled out it would scream. That scream supposedly drove people mad or even caused death.


Just my typical straight-to-ink . Trying to visualize as much in my head as i can before putting it on paper:


Finished yay!

Thanks for shortly experiencing another twisted folk tale with me, I'm definitely enjoying this task.
Thanks for reading.


Amazing drawing!!! :D

@melooo182 glad you like it :) had some fun doing it haha

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Great Illustration! I've heard about mandragoras but never saw or knew the myth behind it hahaha.

Thanks for sharing! I'll be following you!

Thank you :) there are so many myths and folk tales around, I'm captivated by this stuff

[image searches mandrake root] oh wow it really does XD

Wonder if this story was propagated by someone who just didn't want other people raiding their mandrake patch XD

Wow! That sounds reasonable, maybe you're closer to truth than you think ')

wow, really wel done! I like so much this mandragora! ^_^

@silviabeneforti thank you. Happy to hear it :)