Webshop Clearance Bundle

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🔥 Webshop Clearance Bundle 🔥

For the next couple of weeks I'm going to drop different bundles on random dates. They contain stickers, magnets, prints and they are very limited (15 in total).
I'll make 2 or 3 bundles a time.

Today I offer 2 bundles. They'll contain:
• 5 Normal stickers.
• 2 Transparent stickers.
• 3 Holographic stickers.
• 3 Magnets
• 1 Signed Fantoom mini-print.

All items are shown on the photo.

You can order them here:

🔥 Giveaway! 🔥
Every order number will be a ticket number for a GV-giveaway. I will randomly pick a order number if all 15 are sold out.


Couldn't pass this offer up and had to buy it. I love me a bundle of goodies!

Hopefully I'll be your northernmost purchase, too.

Thank you for the support!💜 Yes you are. I'm going to ship tomorrow (from Netherlands). Going to be a long trip 😊