Playing with AI art and our logo design or not!

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Now this seems like the future of everything so we though we would start to look at using AI to generate some different art work. I do not think AI is a given to create stuff and it takes a while to get what you are looking for for!

We decided to start this journey using PICA AI art generator online.

Source image

This was the source image, we decided to see what it would do with our Logo!


Image 1

Text - cool, trendy, edgy, hipster, epic logo
Style - no style


Ok so it basically did nothing, does that mean our logo already does what we asked it to do?

Image 2

Text - cool, trendy, edgy, hipster, epic logo
Style - van Gogh


I am not sure AI is going to work for logo design, all it did was slightly change the U!

Image 3

Text - develop this logo into something new and funky
Style - default


Image 4

Text - develop this logo into something new and funky
Style - fantasy 3D


Maybe we are getting somewhere

Image 5

Text develop this logo into something new and funky instead of just repeating the original image


Maybe we are not getting anywhere, we removed the base image

Image 6

Text - develop a logo for a band called stick up boys
Style fantasy 3d


God knows what happened here, but that is not a logo

Image 7

text develop a logo for an electronic musical band named, stick up boys, incorporate text, fun, urban, naughty
style default


Not sure this is gonna work for our new logo!

Text develop a logo for an electronic musical band named, "stick up boys", incorporate text, fun, urban, naughty, graphic design, design
Style - default

and another

A few others!




we are not convinced we could use this software for logo design on any level. I know there are other pieces of software that deal with AI logo design but PICA is not it. Overall this has been a very disappointing waste of time! We are not convinced this is the future and from what we can see all you graphic designers jobs are still safe for a few years!

We appreciate all the support we get from the Hive community. Remember that you can earn 15% APR paid in Legion, in daily dividends, if you delegate Hive Power to @stickupcurator. By doing so, you also support music and art on Hive because that’s our main focus when curating. You can buy our records on our favourite blockchain game Rising Star or at the awesome NFT Tunz. We also have our own art, video and GIF NFTs on NFT Showroom. For more information or to give us a follow, check out all our socials and say hello!


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I really admire the 4th logo
Nice job
Keep up

thanks very much! It was interesting for sure lol

Now this seems fun.. I've tried couple of times and Ai did created awesome logo especially profile.

Tho, I still like the original one you've on PFP!!

it is fun, not sure about what it did though!

There are many advantages as we have seen that the eyes are also beautifully designed with the help of this technology.