Rabona Weekly 1UP Cartel Operator Report - Week 4 ๐Ÿ“ˆ

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Welcome to my Rabona update post of this week. I am an 1UP Cartel operator and I try to keep all of you up to date with these posts. New operator posts should be published every Tuesday but could be delayed from time to time since I am really busy with my upcoming exams at the moment.

Beginner advice of the week

Building a good team doesn't have to cost much. Sure, you can always buy players from the market but you'll also find good players on the "Sign" page from time to time. Those players can join your club for free and are therefore a good alternative to expensive players from the market. You can find good deals mostly right at the beginning of a new season because sometimes people forget to extend contracts of strong players and they become available for anyone to sign. Make sure to keep an eye on their salaries though, some of the free players demand an insane amount of RBN!


Season 68

I devided this part of the post into different chapters, since I want to cover several important aspects of the game. You can find information about...

  • Buildings
  • Training
  • Game results
  • Financials
  • Preparations for the new season



The Upgrade of the Training Center has been finished which means that my team will have an additional 5% home advantage. I have the feeling that this can increase my chances to finally win the league by a lot. Another upgrade would cost 5,120,000 RBN and 80,000 RBN per match - That's too expensive for me right now. Another 5% advantage would be nice but I think I'll wait with this upgrade a bit, especially because I want to upgrade the Building Yard first, so the Upgrading time will be decreased.

The Building Yard and the Youth Academy are still under construction and will be finished in 2 days. This will reduces the salary offer by 2% on contract renewals and decrease upgrading times by another 2% so I can't wait for these upgrades to be finished.



Some of my newest players had quite bad 4-3-3 stats, so I had to train that first. Afterwards I trained speed once (which had only a small impact on the total overall strength) and then I focused on endurance again which is one of the main stats I try to improve.

  • 01/03/2022: Trained 4-3-3 with all players
  • 02/03/2022: Trained 4-3-3 with all players
  • 03/03/2022: Trained 4-3-3 with all players
  • 04/03/2022: Trained Speed with 8 players
  • 05/03/2022: Trained Endurance with all players
  • 06/03/2022: Trained Endurance with all players
  • 07/03/2022: Trained Endurance with all players


Game results

BTCSam FC had a very good season. The team managed to win 25 of 30 matches - this is a win rate of 83.33% - one of the best results I ever had. Three of the other 5 games were lost in addition to 2 draws.


In the end my team collected 77 points which would've been enough to end up as first in season 67. But unfortunately not in season 68 because there were an even stronger team in the league: The Beacon FC who won 29 of 30 matches! So I ended up second with 10 points difference to the first place. This was really disappointing because I had such a good season but it wasn't enough to get to a higher league...


The total income went up from 75,143,336 RBN (season 67) to 77,675,584 RBN which shows a slow but steady increase. Although scarf sales decreased a bit, shirt and ticket sales went up nicely, probably because the team was performing better than last season.


I was also able to minimize the costs by a lot. Well, that was not that hard if you consider that I've spent over 31 million RBN on player purchases alone in season 67. This time the costs "only" amount to 47,292,656 RBN with merchandising costs and player salaries as the biggest source of costs. Player purchases weren't that expensive, I just bought a couple of cheap players at the end of the season (more about that later).


In the end the club has generated a profit of 30,382,928 RBN which is a good result. It shows that it was a good decision to upgrade buildings, increase merchandise/ticket prices and invest in a strong & competitive team.



You can see that the profitability went up again after a pretty bad last season where I had to buy a lot of new and expensive players. That's why the profit went down in season 67 but it's great to get back to a profit of ~ 30 million RBN.

I received a Rabona rewards payout of 0.186 HIVE for season 68. The RBN profits I made are worth 1.215 HIVE if you consider the current market prices. So all together I made 1.401 HIVE this season.


Preparations for Season 69

Only one player had a contract duration of 1 season at the end of season 68 and that was Eriko Suarez. He's a 36 years old defender with an OS of 79 and I extended his contract by 3 years, just to have another defender to use if some of my players can't play. Because he's quite old his salary decreased from 35,948 RBN to 32,132 RBN.

In addition to that I bought 3 new player:

  • Raphael Yunusa: I was able to sign him for free. He has a salary of 68,154 RBN per match though but I'm still conviced it was the right decision to sign him. He is a defender with an overall strength of 90 and should be able to stabilize my defense.
  • Saverio Fontana is a 29 years old midfielder with a salary of 45,001 RBN and an OS of 83. Finding good midfield players for a reasonable price is tough, so I'm happy I could buy him for 3,990,000 RBN.
  • Tomek Jankowski: He is an attacker who I could buy for just 100,000 RBN. The only problem is that his salary is 89,540 RBN! He's joining the club because my team could use a 86 offensive player.



Season 69

Season 69 just started, so I can't share any updates on Buildings or Training with you. You can read more about that in my next post though. My goal for season 69 is to get as many points as last season (or more ๐Ÿ˜‰) and hope that there won't be a team like Beacon FC again. If I achieve that I might be able to finally win the league!


Game results

The new season started perfectly. My team was able to win the first 2 matches and although the season is still young I am optimistic that BTCSam FC can keep up the momentum and hopefully win a lot more games throughout the season.



That's it for now. I am super curious how well my team will play in season 69 but my expectations are quite high after the almost perfect season 68. I bought some good new players and if my luck won't let me down I might be able to win this league again after such a long time. Let's see where I end up; I'll keep you updated as always.


Not playing Rabona yet? Start your football journey now by signing up here. See you on the pitch!

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Good luck for the next season!

Look at those SUPER TASTY Shirt/Scarf sales! Do you think that upgrading the Shop is better than upgrading the Stadium?


Yes, it seems that the merchandising is way more profitable than the ticket sales, so I would upgrade both but a Shop upgrade seems more appealing. Always consider the costs and your current amount of fans though.

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Thanks; I'll start giving more priority to shop upgrades now :D

You should. And increasing the prices & analysing how this affects the profitability is also a good idea ๐Ÿ˜

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