Life Quest Low Mana Battles 5 Battle Sweep

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Life Splinter Can Be Powerful

Being a newer player this game has been murder for me to pick up. Everything I think I am getting good at it a string of lost battles a mile-long put me in my place. Rather than saying this was skill copy me, I will say I got lucky and had the opponents that were at my level.

Speaking of Bronze Leagues I notice the majority of the battles I fight are less than 20 mana which at level 1 can be very challenging. The mistake is to load up the line with heavy melee, heavy shield, and heavy life. Unfortunately, with low mana battles and the rules of the game this is not practical and normally never works.

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16 Mana Battle Proves Sneak Monster's Value

Ideally, you want to have as many Sneak, Snipe, and Opportunity monster's as the mana can afford. The reason for this is so that your backline is attacking your opponents
Backline as much as possible every round. 16 mana is a low mana battle and Lorna Shine as the Summoner was huge for these victories. She only has a mana cost of 3 and the Divine Shield ability is great with monsters that have little life +1 to +3.

Believe it or not, Feral Spirit did a lot of damage to their backline. The SilverShield Knight gives +1 Melee to all friendly monsters, Lorna Shine absorbs the 1st attack every round, you can see how Feral Spirit did some damage as it was helped by the summoner and other monsters. Click the link below to see the battle for yourself it really proves the value of properly supported Sneak Monsters.

16 Mana Battle

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12 Mana Battle 0 Mana Monster

Having monsters in your lineup that cost 0 Mana is huge, especially for low mana battles. I normally have a huge problem with 12 mana battles because after the summoner we only have 9 Mana at the most to use on our Monsters. Sacred Unicorn is an awesome Monster even against thorns with no tank heal this little Unicorn is a massive monster. The Unicorn has the ability to attack and heal itself a bit every turn. I should have had a sneak monster like my opponent but Sacred unicorn made up the difference.

Sacred Unicorn being able to heal itself was able to handle the thorns and retaliate bringing down the Cursed Windeku, but not before Undead Badger took out my Herbalist. Shortly after died taking Cursed Windeku's place against the Sacred Unicorn.

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Finally a 99 Mana Battle Resurection Anyone?

This was a great opportunity for Chanseus the Great This summoner has a higher mana cost of 7 but this summoner will restore a portion of the front monster's armor, will restore some health to the backline monster that took the most damage, and will resurrect the first friendly monster that dies. Ressurection is only done once per battle.

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Kraus, Bila the Radient, Djinn Renova, Sneak, & Snipe

With all of that Mana available my only problem was having only 7 choices. That is right I did rent some cards. The reason being is I want to win quests fast but also would like to be in the Gold Leagues never having to drop down to Bronze League again. It is also a great way to get to know all of the monsters and summoners.

Feral Spirit really pulled its weight in this battle. 1st round went to me for having Speed on my side, and Feral Spirit was the second monster to strike doing damage to the backline, with Lone Boatman at his side. Bottom of the second round Feral Spirit dies and is immediately resurrected. Feral Spirit gets in one last strike before ding under Tenyii Strikers attack.

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Great Out Come Strong Lineup

My weaker monsters died in the battle but Kraus, Djinn Renova, Bilka the Radiant, all did very well, especially with Chanseus the Great and Venari Crystalsmith were a great combination keeping Kraus well shielded and healed throughout the entire battle. I wish all of my battles were that awesome!!

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