Low Mana Battles Suck!!

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As You Can See I Rented a Bunch of Cards for This Brawl

I did pretty well in this Brawl, I won 4 battles, lost 2 battles and 1 is pending. If I win the pending battle, this will be my best brawl ever. Renting higher-ability summoners really paid off for me. Especially Byzantine Kitty, my new favorite summoner from the Dragon Splinter. Being a fan of cats already, it was a no-brainer to rent this card. I like the fact that Dragon Splinter summoners can summon both Dragon Splinter and any other Splinter monsters.

I was using a combination of Dragon / Earth Splinter battles and those for the most part went well. It was when I had to use other Splinters that had things going sideways for me. Even though you can use a Dragon Splinter Summoner with Earth Splinter Monsters, the battle will not give you credit for an Earth Splinter Battle for an Earth Splinter Quest.

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I am Bottom in the Above Image

Normally when I get an Earth Quest it sends me over the Moon because Earth is my strongest splinter. Now with the added rented cards, I should be able to do a 5 battle sweep. WRONG!! nope not even. I won the above battle but it did not count as an Earth Splinter Quest Battle it counted as a Dragon Splinter Battle. I won the battle but it did not count toward my quest. This threw me off for the other battles. I learned today that the Summoner is the Splinter so Dragon Summoners are not Universal as I had originally thought.

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Results Are Sad 10 Battles to Complete Earth Splinter Quest

I fought 10 Battles the first 1 was a victory but did not count. I won 5 battles Lost 3 and 1 was a draw. I had rented Scarred Llama but could hardly use him because I was getting so many Low mana battles in a row. This made it impossible for me to use the majority of the cards that I rented for the Earth Splinter quest so it was a lot of Mylor Crowling.

The Brawl was awesome because Mana allowed for me to use the Dragon Splinter Summoners that I rented and had a decent brawl, but the low mana Quest battles had me foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog that needs to be put down. Except for 2 battles in the quest Mana would not allow for me to use any of the high mana Summoners or Monsters that I had rented. Looking at the picture below can you guess who won? I am at top and won this battle. Mylor's thorns gave Unicorn Mustang the appearance of striking twice every turn. Failed Summoner was able to reflect the Death Elemental's magic attacks. That battle was easily won as Mustang Unicorn with Mylor's thorns was too much for Cursed Windeku, and because Failed Summoner has 4 life was able to take out the Death Elemental.

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Dragon Splinter Where The Cool Kids Hang Out

In the above image, it is easy to see why Dragon Splinter is so powerful. Look at the abilities of those cards, they are amazing. Especially Red Dragon, in a brawl I had the Red Dragon in 1st position against Cursed Windeku, and even with those thorns, Red Dragon had no problem tearing the Windeku apart.

Today taught me that Dragon Splinter might be the most Powerful Splinter in the game. Renting high mana power cards for quest in the Bronze Leagues is not really a good idea because at our level we will see more battles below 30 mana, than we will battles over 30 mana.

If you have had the same or different experience please let me know below. Let's try to start a conversation.

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