Needed to Play More HashKings, Bought 2nd Farm

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2nd South American Farm

7.1 Swap.Hive is all it cost for another South American Farm. Now that I know to go straight to NFTMart whenever I need to buy something for HashKings. Now that I have 2 farms, my first farm is 2 days away from harvest. The last harvest I received 338 buds. This is pretty cool some success my first time out.

Yes, this is my 2nd harvest on my first farm. The interesting thing is instead of planting Columbian Gold I planted Snoop's Dream. Just curious about the other strains and will be trying them out to see how they compare to each other especially in resource consumption and buds harvested.

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Snoop's Dream only Requires 1 Day to Harvest

The wild person in me would like to buy 7 South American farms, I have 2, only 5 more to go. After I have my 7 farms, I should plant Snoop's Dream on one farm every day. That way I could theoretically have a harvest every day of the week. I will just have to see what tomorrow brings.

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So Far HashKings Has Been an Easy Gaming Experiance

I have been lucky not to have been raided yet. I see where people are raiding farms and receiving credit for doing so. I am looking forward to seeing what the harvest looks like for tomorrow. Snoop's Dream comes in at about 1/2 a Hive for 1 package of seeds.

Raids are not something I would like to take part in. It feels like stealing and that is not me. I am happy to keep tending to and growing my farms. Buds are a Hive Engine Token, they have a monetary value.

I am happy to keep stacking Buds as often as I can get them. They are not worth very much now, but they are in-game currency so who knows where that value could be some time down the road.

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Would You Like a Free Splinterlands or Hashkings Card?

Every Wednesday @ 2 pm EST. I will be doing a live stream about succeeding with Splinterlands and HashKings. Profiting With Play to Earn Games. I will be giving away a Splinterlands Monster Card, or a Hashkings Card, so be sure to have your in-game name (IGN) handy to pop in the chat when prompted, to qualify for the giveaway 😃

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Thank you so very much

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I dont think the raids in the Game are PvP. Afaik its your Avatars and all Other participants Avatars get a Part of the Buds of a certain Pool but i could have it wrong

That is very interesting, I have a lot to learn about this game 😀

Nice thinking, a few NFT can make the difference !1UP

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Thank you 👍


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but why you're spending more for less buds?