Owster Rotwell is to Magic What Mylor Crowling is to Melee

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Death Splinter Magic Defense Summoner Owster Rotwell

3 mana is a bargain for such an effective summoner. Magic Reflect is a great ability. We have all been through this. Working on a death splinter quest and getting lost battle after lost battle. Having your self-esteem torn down with the ever-increasing loss streak.

This happened to me all of the time until @maddogmike advised me to start using Owster for heavy magic attack lineups. With Magic Reflect whenever a friendly monster is attacked with magic a portion of the damage is dealt back to the sender.

What is Magic Reflect?

Funny you should ask because there is a story with that. Growing up my grandmother would sometimes light 1 red candle and one black candle. When I asked for the purpose she told me there are jealous and insidious people that love nothing more than to curse others. This returns their malice back to them.

Now when ever I play Owster I think of my grandmother. She believed in another hidden world. She added a lot to my upbringing. Owster gives the magic reflect ability to all of the friendly monsters. Just think of it as thorns for magic attacks.

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My Line up

Owster was my Summoner, with Cursed Windeku in 1st position, Life Sapper in 2nd position, and Venari Bonesmith in 3rd position followed by Carrion Shade and Corpse Fiend. It was my plan for the Cursed Windeku to hand out the punishment to any melee attack monsters.

My opponent's team was faster than mine so they struck first. Regal Peryton attacked my Cursed Windeku from 2nd position, and he was immediately hit with magic reflect so I could immediately see how this battle was going to go.

When I saw failed summoner in the first position I was confused but after returning fire from my Life Sapper and BoneSmith kept their life in check, because Failed Summoner also has magic reflect.

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The Kill Shot

The enemy had 2 magic attack monsters 1 melee attack monster and, and the failed summoner that has no attack. The magic reflect ability tore through the magic attack monsters by the time my Cursed Windeku died and Life Sapper took the 1st position the opponent only had 1 card with +1 life so the battle ended there.

I have a lot of fun playing Splinterlands but the fact that I own all of the in-game properties that I have purchased, and some of them have added to my Hive portfolio is just a huge plus.

If you would like to see this battle just click the link below.
Click Here To See Battle

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Thanks for the mention. I'm glad Owster worked out for you, it is a good summoner to help out against magic attacks.

I find that Owster and Waka the two most useful summoners in the Death Splinter. 😀