Snoop's Dream Harvested, What's Next?

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Time To Harvest Snoop's Dream

Snoop's Dream is a very fast process, from seed to harvest in 1 day. I was very surprised. The harvest yield was about 260 buds. Not a bad yield bit this strain has expensive seeds at .5 swap.hive per package.

Being a new player I have not had a chance to learn all of the seeds and their advantages vs disadvantages. This puts me at a disadvantage, especially when it comes to daily gameplay with multiple plots.

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Now I Have An Empty Plot

I already know that Panama Red will take 7 days from seed to harvest, and at 0.045 swap.hive per pack is really cheap for a harvest that yields above 300 buds. I do have 1 pack left and can plant them, but I have been thinking...

What seeds do you the Hashkings Players recommend and why?

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My Role In The Game Is Farmer

Having a lot of fun with my Farmer role I am not really anxious to change my role. However, I have been thinking about exploring the different aspects of gameplay, like being a Water Baron for example.

What other areas of the game do you recommend I explore and why?

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Thank you so very much

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lookin nice !1UP

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Thank you so much for the compliment 👍


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