Splinterlands Can Be A Real Chore

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What Are They Thinking?

I like to be a positive person, but this can get to be a bit daunting. It feels like I am racing to the very bottom. The more I play the game the harder and more impossible it seems to make any forward progress.

It does not feel like a play to earn type of game it feels like a slot machine that eagerly gobbles up my crypto for constant card rentals, booster pack purchases, potions, etc…

I understand that games are for entertainment and that costs money, but come on play to earn. I know there are a lot of people making a bunch of money but it really feels like unless a person has a few thousand dollars invested in cards and whatnot, making a decent daily profit is not possible.

That Being Said Here is My Battle

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Valnamor, Djinn Oshanus, Coral Wraith, and Merdaau Guardian make a great team. The team worked so well together that the battle almost felt one-sided in my favor. The battler went very quickly making it hard to develop an article from the game play as there was no real strategy here as the other player based on their choices did not have much power.

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Speed Kills

Djinn Oshanus having a speed of +6 making him incredibly fast an almost impossible to hit. That with the fact that Valnamor gives all friendly monsters +1 speed, +1 magic, +1 life, I only suffered 1 loss as the combination of Djinn Oshanus and Coral Wraith just mowed down the opposing line.

I felt bad for the other player, they must have felt a lot of the same frustration that I feel when hit with wild losing streaks.

If I Want To Continue Playing

If I am going to continue to play the game I need to come to terms with a couple of things. First, it is a game for entertainment purposes only. I am not going to talk about the monetary gains or income potential until I start to experience them, but until then I need to look at this game with the same attitude I have with any console video game.

If I want to show decent profits with the game in the next few months I will need to invest literally around $2,000 in, in-game properties for rental purposes. I find that most of the profitable people in Splinterlands make it from rentals and card sales, not DEC awarded for battles.

Your Experience May Be Different

This is my experience with the game for the last 180 days give or take a few days. It is really easy to get frustrated with games but then we just walk away. Somehow the rumored income potential of the game keeps us rooted and the routine of Daily quests and playing in brawls once every few days, and being knocked back a few levels every time the season changes becomes the most frustrating part of our business plan.

In closing it is better to remember that it is just a game, and games are for entertainment purposes only. I would have to say it is more of a gamble than an income opportunity, and as responsible bloggers it should not be presented in such a manner.

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Thank You So Very Much

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You are correct. First you must remember it is just a game for entertainment purposes and making money is secondary. But then again this one has monetary aspects if you compare it to the online games that you must purchase a copy to play.

For most games the longer you play the better you get at it. I have started playing the tournaments in the hopes that will help develop may game play faster. The one thing I have learned is that guessing is also part of the game play guess wrong and you lose. Guess right and it depends. Hang in there. You may be the next expert in game strategy. Best of luck in your matches.


Thank you for your supportive words David, that is all very true, I was just being a spoiled child lol 😆

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