Cryptobrewmaster Promo Alpha Brewery giveaway

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Hello fellow cryptobrewmasterers. I thought i would do a giveaway with a decent nft card i have for the game, Promo Alpha Brewery. I only ask that none of the established players on og team enter please, in hopes of helping a newer player or someone wanting to try out the game. I will use the wheel of names to pick a winner. Just leave a comment and i will do the drawing on August 6 and send the card via wax atomic market. If you don’t have enough hp to comment hit me up on the game's discord and I’ll enter you into drawing. Cheers!


Hello, i am trying the game again, i was playing like 4 months ago i think, lets see this time how good i can do :)


Thanks for good giveaway. I will also participate.

I have 2nd place nft, project manager. Please give me your wax address


Ok i sent it to you @kievfalcon . I couldn't get ahold of thyrz and it's been over a week. Enjoy!
TX ID 9dad17dede695adf272488763808344d767cf4b2881354d807d445b8d3b16a1b

Thanks. I already got it. 👍

Sent. tx id

I will give away another brewery soon, thanks for participating!

Thank you.

I the winner has not given me their wax address. I will try contacting them on discord but if i get no answer there either i will give you the brewery 👍

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The winner is thyrzz, please provide me your wax address guys! 2nd place project manager nft

@thyrz @kievfalcon