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Name of game - Cuphead

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Cuphead is a hard crazy game where you play as cuphead or mugman to defeat monsters!

Game play

Simple but addicting platforming really pushes you to challenge with its madness all the time!(Kind enraging though.)
Rating - 8/10


This game perfectly matches old cartoons and simply amazes me!
Rating - 10/10

Sound effects

Not much but fits the style.
Rating - 7/10


Pretty good definitely with some thought.
Rating - 7/10


Overall rating - 8/10

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Nice job with those reviews!

Next time try to write some more, maybe add some of your experience playing it, what you liked when playing and what you didn't. It will help making the review more personal, unique and engaging.

I will be waiting to read your next one!

Drives me nuts this game! !PIZZA


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Gotta try this game when I get a chance!

Very nice review! Thank you for doing it!

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