ChiFiBots Game Development Update #1 | July 10th 2022

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Hello there, voyagers!

Here at NFT Studios and ChiFiBots we're working harder than ever to deliver a knockout trading card game for our users. We've noticed we haven't been documenting enough of our process so we're aiming for fortnightly game development updates from now on!

Do note that because this is the first official game dev update, they'll be a bit to cover but in future updates, we'll try keep it at a minimum.


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Gameplay Overview

ChiFiBots will have 2 battle modes: Rapid and Standard.

Rapid mode (formerly known as classic mode) is a quick and pure way to play ChiFiBots.

6 ChiFiBots versus 6 ChiFiBots. No moves, abilties, or specials are used. Only Punch, Kick, Slam.

A reminder - Punch > Kick | Kick > Slam | Slam > Punch

If you'd like to see the see the current alpha gameplay demo. Watch the video below:

We have currently moved onto the marketplace as we want our users to start opening up packs ASAP so the gameplay refinement will begin again after the marketplace is done.

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Marketplace Overview

With the announcement of ChiFiBots officially building on Stacks, the team has moved on to developing the marketplace and integrating stacks wallets into the game so the packs can be opened.

Below is a very short preview of the top banner and the different tabs for the game.

board chifibots.png

We're currently simplifying our marketplace and taking inspiration from opensea. Also zooming in on a lot of the characters in the cards.


^^ That's the gold foil variant by the way.

We've ran into a few hurdles with text on the cards being too small and not readable. For example, we will scrap "planet, role, punch, kick, and slam" texts on the card because they're too small to read and instead have a popup when you hover over it.

We originally intended the "stroke" around the text to be more clearer but with website display parameters, the heavier the stroke, the less readable it became. Especially when the card was shrunk.


We instead put in drop shadows to solve the problem.


For now, we have completed a majority of the assets ready to port into the Stacks protocol and integrate wallets.

hive bar triple draw.png

Cards Overview

We're steadily finishing up artwork for the "Day One" cards and pack/boxes. The only remaining asset to be constructed is the "cosmic foil" variant which is a bit tougher due to it being a GIF file and making a small animation in the card.

From there, we move onto the first expansion in "Base Set."

These are cards that feature: objects, modules, environments, help, and artifacts.

An example is below.


Card Balancing Day

Recently we began the process of balancing cards in the base set. Many cards were approved but also a lot were either moved from the base set to reward cards, or changed entirely.

Originally the "standard mode" was still 6 v 6 ChiFiBots on field at the start. Now, the players will need to draw ChiFiBots into their hand. Because of this change, we had to add in "search ChiFiBot" cards into the base set as well.

We broke down each function of the cards and colour coded them.

The set is still over 110 cards. EXCITING!

Below is a shot of the madness that is balancing cards.


hive bar blink.png

Exclusive ChiFiBots Overview

Hive Power

Our exclusive ChiFiBot for our Hive pre-sales is currently being drawn by some of our lovely community here on Hive. There's still 2 weeks left if you're an artist and want to contribute to an in-game asset.

Entrants: @akida @artistparthoroy @sidekickmatt

art entries.png

^^ What a squad!

Entries close: Friday 22nd July

Enter Here - Hive Power Art Competition

Beta Bot

The Indiegogo exclusive ChiFiBot "Beta Bot" is also in the process of being drawn. He is the 2nd every ChiFiBot and is much quicker than Alpha Bot.

Below is an example of the brief that was sent.


hive bar ball.png

Careers at NFT Studios

Here at NFT Studios and ChiFiBot we are always looking for the best and brightest people to join the team.

We're currently on the lookout for a Js Developer.
Apply here - Js Developer Job

Also if you have any experience in these categories, feel free to email us at [email protected] to have a chat.

  • Art Direction/Artist (creating artwork/animation)
  • Web UX Design (optimising assets in a web browser)
  • Social Media Management (Discord/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Telegram)
  • UI Programmer (Backend/Frontend)

hive bar jetpack.png

We hope this gives you a glimpse of the vision and process behind ChiFiBots.

We build everyday so later on we can provide entertainment everyday.

Have a wonderful time in Web 3 and beyond!

~NFT Studios

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Can't wait to open my Tier 2 packs :D

Great updates, looking forward to open some packs.

!1UP 🍄!PIZZA 🍕!BEER 🍺And expect the @curation-cartel soontm



Exciting to see the details of the progress being made. It's my first time being an initial investor in a game.

Thanks, Mike! We hope the game will be mad fun once it's in full swing

Seems interesting, i cannot wait to test them.

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Excuse me, when is the last day submission for the contest 😊.

This Friday! less than 2 days


Aaaw. All of them are just super noice. 🤗💯Rehived

I'm looking forward to everything! Very exciting.

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Looks very interesting.