NFT Studios March Update | More Base Set Packs For You! ChiFiBots Lore

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march update.png

Hello fellow Hivians,

NFT Studios is back again with a monthly update. Below you will find some of the highlights of our journey and some spicy lore to help you understand the story behind the universe.

Rewarding Our Early Adopters

We would also like to mention that the decision has been made that if you bought tier 3 or up in the hive pre-sale or indiegogo, you will now get the equivalent in base set packs (priced at $2).

Example: Tier 3 = $100 USD
Old = 10 x base set packs
UPDATED = 50 x base set packs

Tier 5 = $1000 USD
Old =  100 x base set packs
UPDATED = 500 x base set packs

Second Pre-sale Extended to End of April

Our 2nd pre-sale happening over at Indiegogo features the exclusive Beta Bot. The 2nd ChiFiBot created.
Click link for pre-sale:

NFT Studios Will Be Featured in a Blockchain Book

We're getting buzz even before ChiFiBots is launched! Here is a preview.


Enjoy the newsletter and lore below
~ NFT Studios 🤖🚀

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ChiFiBots Lore


Engulfed Dead Zone.jpg

The universe where ChiFiBots and various creatures reside. This vast and transcendent space features many unique planets, asterisms of stars, war-torn space debris, dark holes known as “dead zones”, and the most feared dead zone of all known as “Oblivion” where no ChiFiBot has ever returned.

Here ChiFiBots can traverse the wonderful and not so wonderful planets the cosmos provides. Whether it’s for entertainment or survival, the harsh environments and battles the Chif’s endure stay with them forever.

Be careful… a friendly explorer could mutate into a scavenger who’s desperate to purge everything.



alpha alliance new.png

After the successful creation of the first technician “Epsilon Bot” (later to be known as Queen Athena) who was capable of creating ChiFiBots all by herself, the first five ChiFiBots : Alpha Bot, Beta Bot, Gamma Bot. Delta Bot, and Epsilon Bot; collectively formed the “Alpha Alliance.” An union run by ChiFiBots for ChiFiBots to discuss ideas and conflicts away from humans.

The ChiFiBots were fast evolving, with Epsilon Bot, they had the capability of creating ChiFiBots without human input. And with that, sprung a new revolution known as the “ChiFi Boom.”

The world was singing praise for Epsilon Bot as she was the first technician, but also the first female ChiFiBot. Quickly garnering attention not seen since the launch of Alpha Bot, jealousy began to curdle inside some of the other ChiFiBots of the Alpha Alliance.

“Why does everyone love her? I'm way stronger!” boasted Beta Bot.

“And I’m faster,” blurted Gamma Bot.

“ And I’m -” (Delta Bot)

“ - Perhaps it’s because she doesn’t complain” - interrupted Alpha Bot.

Alpha Bot protected Epsilon Bot many times and a wonderful friendship would bloom between them. Epsilon Bot often calling Alpha Bot “Happy” instead for his friendly smile.

As new ChiFiBots continued to be constructed, the Alpha Alliance stayed strong. Many new ChiFiBots embarked on a galactic voyage across the universe. Scouring for new life on new planets.

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🌅 Planet Atlas - Year 2080 🌅


The battle for Planet Atlas rages on inside the ice caves. Morale is down. Many have accepted the impossible task. Orbit’s pessimistic mindset unfortunately influences even the most positive psyche of Twinkle Dust.

Astro catches sight of this and whisks Twinkle Dust away from the chaotic war to a gorgeous scenic view that will melt any Chif’s heart. As they perch themselves on the edge of a cliff, the sunlight gently beams down their bodies.

Twinkle Dust sits in pure awe.

“Wahhhhhh, so beautiful,” utters Twinkle Dust.

“Very beautiful,” as Astro holds Twinkle Dust’s hand and stares directly at her.

A moment in time that Astro wishes could last an eternity.

A bump develops in his mouth. Is that a smile? From the very serious, Astro?!?

“This is what we’re fighting for, Twink,” voices Astro.

“The sun?” replies Twinkle Dust.

“A chance. A chance that every Chif on Planet Atlas can experience this. I won’t stop until we free them all,” declares Astro.

“Me too, Imma bash all the baddies up!” shouts Twinkle Dust.

“Soon. Let’s enjoy this moment,” answers Astro.

The clouds swirl in the sky, as the sun makes its way down the horizon.

For once, everything feels normal.


I got a Tier 2 and I'm excited to open my packs !

Woohoo, DAY ONE power!

WOOOOOOOO!!! Everything is sooo coool! Can't wait to play let's goooooo!

Too many good things and people we're involved with!

Great stuffs coming from genius Kevinli so exciting!🙌

Looks like things are progressing well. That Hive fund raiser was HUGE! Looking forward to getting my hands on this game and playing it. Keep up all the good work

Thanks, good sir! Looking forward to that as well!

I love the artwork with Astro and Twinkle Dust.

It's a beauty. Next one will be done by the legendary @japex1226

Great update! Can't wait to see the success of this project!

I also love the upgrade in tier packs! Great move and a great surprise, not a lot of projects would do that!

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