Less than 3 weeks left for gameplay unveiling, Marketplace updates, and other news!

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3 weeks or less countdown...?

It's been a crazy past few weeks.
Currently I'm getting over flu like symptoms (possibly COVID, have to wait 3-4 days for results), but doing much better today.
We have been laser focused on the gameplay for PSYBER X, and the unveiling is just right around the corner. It feels like January 1st came and went so quickly.
Here we are though, with 3 weeks left until we drop some amazing content on the community. We're very exciting to show everything we have been working on.
Stay tuned, not much longer to wait.

Marketplace Update

The marketplace has been slightly delayed as we want to focus on the meat and potatoes of PSYBER X, instead of just coming out the gate and selling NFTs. As of today we were able to acquire a senior blockchain architect with 10 years of blockchain experience. He will help with our complex marketplace we have been building. We are very excited to have him onboard! and will be a great addition to the team. When he's further in the onboarding processes we will introduce him to our discord community.
The delay...
Back to the delay. Since we are slightly behind compared to where we wanted to be on the marketplace. PSYBER Crates airdrops will be doubled from now, until the marketplace opening day. So for every 200k LVL token held you will get 2 crates monthly. As a special thank you, this will be retroactive and go back to the PSYBER Crates announcement date.

couple card sneak peaks...



K-NINE_Dog_robot_Card (1).jpg

AMA hosted on the PSYBER X Discord

We have already started to take in questions for our planned AMA on our discord server. We plan to host the AMA 2 weeks after we have our big unveiling of gameplay.
Join our discord server so you can get your questions in, and jump in on the AMA - https://discord.gg/CZbzwvFk3S

If you have no idea what PSYBER X is, and want to do a deep dive? Check out the links below for great summaries from our community.






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Thank you for the great content




Outstanding! looking forward to that footage and marketplace yet no rush! like you said the meat n taters! !PIZZA !PGM !1UP !LUV !WINE !BEER !giphy

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Those Covid rapid in home test take about an hour.

Whatever the case I wish you a speedy recovery.

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!giphy awesome

Keep up the great work, I look forward to reading future updates.

It is good to see you making some progress in spite of the delays. Setbacks are to be expected. Thanks for laying the timeframes we can expect things upon.

It is a great help. Looking forward to the release of more information in the next few weeks.

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Thanks for the update, perfectly understand why the marketplace would be behind getting the game going priority-wise. And what a nice surprise, to get double the crates air-drop. Glad I have my 200K LVL!

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Me too!!! Loving the double crates!

Thank you for the updates and the mention. I like how you add prior articles to allow people to review past announcements and works favorable to the psyber x community. I'll be following a similar format moving forward.

I also like that idea...It takes a little more time to get the links, but I think it's worth it even for my own posts.

I don't know. If you create a template of such an article insertion, then it's not that much trouble.

is the server in some invite only thing? didnt load for me , got weird error

also is THIS really in game footage? looks liek cyberpunk 2077 lol impressive.. i hope the in game maps can be nfts and customized with advertising for HIVE and hive engine games and stuff :D

we could show the top hive posst as ads on billboards on buildings in the game or debates on @vimm or @dtube or @threespeak like political videos showing the dystopian political situation on "the news" hahaha i want a real tv news station on hive vimm and cyberpunk2077 I MEAN PSYBERX could be the perfect world for this lance Boyle Megarace max Headroom Ziggy Q virtuosity character and his cryptofascist satire fox news style network of the future lol

That’s the footage!

We are still so early! Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! (NFA) 😎

Covid is really hitting us hard here too.
I hope you and your team are all well and staying safe.
I can not wait to get my hands on some crates and see the market place and gameplay be revealed.

All the best keep up the great work.


That's pretty cool of you to reward us for the tiny extra wait, bring on the crates!

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Loving it. I guess you need a post writer in your team that can make these announcements cool.

@laritheghost Usually does, but we’d rather release important information than hold off. Keeping everyone out of the loop

Things are definitely getting exciting and this is worth the wait!

Pumped for this!

You and me both!!!

Excited to help out as much as I can!


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Can't wait for the unveiling! Hope you're healthy again till than!

i get this weird error when i try to load the discord maybe my hard drive is out of space? lol i have 300K LVL let me in!


We have a security bot enabled. It will DM to make sure you are real

Wow, this seems to be an awesome project.