Yay! At last! 😉👏👏
🥦 !PIZZA 🥦

Thanks for informing meeee!!!

Way to go! Glad to see things are moving right along! Can't wait for the 20th.

Get your LVL now :-)

Sounds very exciting, but I have a question.

Will the community have a say in the direction the remaining 150M LVL will be used? Also, will it be transparent or we just have to trust your judgement?

Also, what computer specs should we be expecting this awesome game to require?

Overall, I'd like to add that this game gives me a wholesome erection. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

We plan to have a governance token in the future, so yes, but that's for future plans.
Consider it mostly locked up for now until we expand to other making other games using LVL.

Excellent write-up. Makes me even more excited to play when this game is fully fleshed out.

Way to go! Not bad at all, it's a very impressive design and very informative white paper.

I'll probably never play this game but I look forward to selling people my LVL tokens at $3 each one day :)

Going to the market...gonna get me some LVL...

I bought my first batch of LVL and it wont be the last I buy! Can't wait to play this game, it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Nice write up, could add a bit to Phase 1 regarding recruitment of Tier 1, 2 and 3 founds and distribution of Founder's Edition NFTs, but overall a good first revision.

I am so excited! shared it on twitter!

VYB Curation Project (VCP)

"Every man's work, whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself." - Samuel Butler

Can't wait for Beta release... oh wait... Alpha? Let me in



LOL!!! 😄😄
🥦 !LOL 🥦

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Aaaaaaaaaand the price dumps haha! Time to load up more LVL hehe!

Great presentation and as a LVL owner myself, I can't wait to try out this game! I'm dying to play a Play2Earn FPS game over here hehehe!

This is really great 🔥
At last!
We've been waiting for this
And now it has dropped perfectly and it is da bomb!!! 🔥

thanks for sharing to #postup , @movement19

superb, thank you!

Way to go! I'm so excited for yall and everyone on hive! Keep up the excellent work!

OMG i better get upto 500k before this all kicks off :)

WOOOOOOO i love it

This is exciting. I have been following the whole psyberx saga for couple of weeks now. I definitely need to get me more lvl to be fully prepared for what is about to go down.

is also a BEP20 bridge in planning? Has a lot lower fees ;)

Sure is 😉 stay tuned

Great whitepaper and I hope we will see a Russia theater theme in the game to be inline with the current Ukraine crisis. Anchoring the game in reality and in the current world wars should boost it.

!1UP Very nice work, now we want Land! !Gif land


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This is cool.
An opportunity to stack more LVL shows up.
I hope I can get some fluid to do..

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I have been getting small small liquid myself.

Chai..i don go power up. I m chasing 200k. Lol.
I actually want to play this game...

Damn! You’re not messing around 🙌

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Yes o.. Lol.
No time..


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I'm new to the gaming world, ezpecially on the Blockchain.

I didn't know LVLs are already available for purchase... Can we get them on centralized exchanges like Binance?

Looks very exciting, really cool project, I'd love to start playing, would be a blast for streams!!! Keep up the great work! !PIZZA

Is this free to play and play to earn? Why I can see some free to play in the description?

Yes, it will be free to play and play to earn. Come give it a try: