Heroes of Mavia. One of the top NFT games you don't want to miss in 2022

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Today I am presenting you one of my top pick games for the year - Heroes of Mavia the first AAA Blockchain Base Builder Game. It is being developed by an experienced studio called Skrice Studios and I personally believe that they will fulfill their promise to be an actual triple-A game. The game covers all 3 important aspects to be BIG on the blockchain, which are AAA graphics, a strong economic model and very addictive gameplay. Heroes of Mavia is heavily inspired by Clash of Clans which is still played by millions on a daily basis. According to the roadmap Heroes of Mavia will be released for testing in a few months and the public beta will be launched at Q3 this year.


Graphics - The first important part that can make a game successful is having high-quality graphics or a unique art style. The attention to detail from the team is incredible. As you can see in most of the pictures it follows an art style similar to Clash Royale and pretty much most of the Supercell games. This art style has proved to be a major success and provides a casual look that attracts a wide range of audiences.


Tokenomics - The post is starting to look like every other that just brings the long info but we are not here for that. Let's talk about the most important aspect that many blockchain games fail at and what made me pick this project as one of the investments I am most looking forward to making. Believe it or not, a large number of people are into play-to-earn games mainly for the earn part and not the play part. Yes, the gameplay is important and that's what makes games attractive to players but if there is no earning, well then it becomes just like the off-chain games. From my experience, not many would want to play a game with a ruined economy no matter how the gameplay might be. If they want gameplay, the off-chain game market is way more saturated (According to Reddit co-founder this won't be for long).

Heroes of Mavia will have 2 tokens. MAVIA will be the governance token that will be stakeable and the currency that will be used in their own marketplace and RUBY will be the reward currency and utility token. The governance token is pretty self-explanatory but the utility token will be something different. It will have a lot of use cases like Building upgrades, Hero Upgrades, Purchasing gold, speed-ups (every Clash of Clans player is aware of how important they are), skins and etc. When spent for anything in-game RUBY will be automatically burned.

Ruby use cases.JPG

RUBY will also have many ways to be earned in the game, unlike other blockchain games where you primarily have 1 way or mostly 2 ways of earning their utility token. This will bring diversity to play to earn games and I am sure many will start following this approach. Here are the ways to earn RUBY in-game:


One of the things that interest me the most is that you can partner with others on the land you own and share rewards or just let them use it and pay you a fixed fee. This will allow big investors with less free time to take part too. If you are playing on your own you will be getting 100% of the RUBY earned but it might be slower and more time-consuming. You can also purchase bases and sell them. This might create some strategies among players who pick a clean base and develop it to sell it for profit afterward because the value of the base grows by the amount of resources invested into it. If you are renting, it's pretty straightforward. The landlord receives a fixed daily fee in MAVIA tokens and 100% of the RUBY earned goes for the one who is renting the land. Base partnership allows 2 players to play on the same land, the land is still owned by the landlord but the RUBY earned is split 50/50.


The RUBY and MAVIA ecosystem has that loop that everyone was talking about at some point. It just makes you reinvest to become better and get further into the game. This will also increase the inherent value of the assets owned by you. As long as there is enough positive pressure the economy will last. Here is the detailed ecosystem. One of the things that I like is that the team has full transparency and is actively engaging with the community, providing the information we require and even does live dev blogs. Occasionally Aiven streams live on discord how he works on Heroes of Mavia on Houdini (3d modeling software) so if you are interested go check them out.

mavia ecosystem.JPG

Addictive Gameplay - The gameplay as mentioned before will be close to that of Clash of Clans. Build your base, defend, attack others. It will be increasingly challenging as you develop your base and will push you to go further. The better you are the more RUBY you will earn. One of the important things will be to have a balanced matchmaking system, otherwise, some players might start getting frustrated if they always get matched with higher level players and vice versa higher level players will get bored due to lack of challenge. I hope they can make this right.

How to invest early? - As of right now, neither of the tokens is released nor there are any NFTs to be purchased. However, there is whitelisting going on for the land sale. This will be the foundation on which you have to build so you will need land to play or you will need to rent it from someone/ partner with someone. The first region that will be offered for sale is the Tropical one, in the future there will be other biomes and regions. If you want to be a landlord you will need at least 0.3ETH for the cheapest. They have 3 rarities, common (0.3ETH), rare (0.6ETH) and legendary (0.9ETH). The higher the rarity the bigger your luck will be on the land. As far as I am aware that will increase your chances of finding rare resources and more RUBY on your land. Legendary will also have access to water (We still don't know what you can do with the water but supposedly you might have boats etc.)


To be whitelisted you can do 1 of 4 things or even try for all of 4 of them:

Content Creator - 1350 WL spots - Create high-quality content discussing the project

Community Engagement - 1050 WL spots - Be active in their social media/ invite people to their discord

Arts and memes - 450 WL spots - Create related Art/Memes to Heroes of Mavia

Influencers - 150 WL spots - Have a big following to form a long term partnership

A few more important "green flags". They actually listen to their community. On discord, they have a polls channel where decisions will be made by the community. Another one is the really interesting and different whitelist approach. They don't want you to hold thousands worth of tokens but rather they value the organic growth of the project.

Website: https://www.mavia.com/
Official Mavia Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaviaGame
Official Mavia Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEsG9bqZilH29cW6gC5oApQ
Official Mavia Medium: https://medium.com/heroes-of-mavia
Official Mavia Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heroesofmavia/

Join DCG (Dynamic Crypto Gaming) where you can meet a ton of cool people and play together :) See you there: https://discord.gg/MUVGVU8mG6


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Wow, this wasn't even on my radar! Thanks for sharing this :)

It's good to see AA/AAA level development entering the crypto space. Definitely going to watch this as it progresses this year.


No worries! Glad I could help you find out about Mavia. It for sure will be a great p2e game


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