updated website.

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This is a simple test to post using website.
If you are reading this post, the test is a success.

Thank you.

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Hi @yehey
Is there any #tag to use onlinebuzz?

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Cheers, @sifondeseltz You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @yehey.
You Earned 0.100 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 2/3 Successful Calls.


WINE Current Market Price : 1.100 HIVE

You can use any tags you want, though I always include tags like "onlinebuzz", "pesos" built in currency, and other related category to support the article.

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I was not aware of
I see that you do not stop with your innovations. Nice job!
Is the upvote system not active yet?

The upvote should work, wait for a few seconds then refresh your browser to see it.

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Thanks, dear friend. I'll try in that way.
Congrats on your great work, this front end is great.

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