this was great my friend. love this song and you nailed it

great job on this guys, great instrument switch #2clone

We thank you!

Sounds really good.


Thank you! The guitar switch in the bridge was a lot harder to pull off than I anticipated! hahaha

Really nice! I like the electric guitar switch. Can you explain how you accomplished the video/2 playing. I'd love to give it a try. What equipment/methods do you employ? Sounded great!!!!

Thanks! And yeah, I recorded the audio for the left side first ( the rhythm and main vocals) through my mic into my computer. Then I recorded the right side the same way while listening back on my earbuds. Basically just videoing my multitrack recording session. I used my video editor (I use adobe premiere) to sync them up.

Working through the parts in my mind, like what side was going to be playing what parts at what time was pretty tricky. I had to do a lot of part switching (lead part being played by rhythm side) to make the electric guitar switch work. But it was a lot of fun! I’m definitely going to try some more of these in the future.

Thanks - may have to wait until my daughter the film major comes home from college in May:) Seems like fun!

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Really good quality cover, bro! Nice!

Thank you!