Open Mic Week 80: "We Will Carry You" (original in honour of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy)

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"We Will Carry You."

This is a song about grief, dedicated to the Humboldt Broncos bus accident on the weekend - 15 people, most of them hockey players between 16 and 20. I wanted to share it here as well, both to honour them and our province in this time, and because it is a universal message of grief many people often need to hear.

Lyrics below.

This is the text I wrote accompanying another post the other day for more a background of the song:

Last night, the collision of a semi and a bus in rural Saskatchewan resulted in the loss of 15 lives, most of them members of a Canadian Junior League hockey team based in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada. As far as we know now, the remaining survivors (14) are all injured, with two still in critical condition.

There is so little to be said in the face of this kind of tragedy; nothing seems right.

I’m a singer-songwriter, and that’s what I have to give. I wrote this song today in honour of the victims and their families who have just received the news of a their worst possible living nightmare—the sudden, heart-splitting tragic loss of one of those they hold most dear. It also goes out to those injured, and especially those seriously injured.

The only message I have to offer, that I believe I share with the hearts and minds of all of those in our province and beyond, is that while we can never fully understand what you are suffering right now, what burden has been laid on your shoulders, we are WITH YOU in your grief, in your pain, and your disbelief, and we are determined to help you carry this unbelievable load in whatever way we can, even if that is just through uniting with you in your grief and standing by. You are not alone. That’s what I tried to say in the song. I hope it can be some small comfort.

To everyone suffering in the wake of this horrible event: we love you. May you feel the warmth, love, and prayers of all of us.

“We Will Carry You”

Take courage
You who mourn
Take heart
You who cry
Keep them in your memory
And don’t let your hope die

There are no words
For your grief
Only silent
But your love, it matters still
Even in this bitter deep

And we will carry you
We will help you stand
We will fight the dark, and keep you close to heart
And help you conquer it

You can’t
imagine life
The one you lost
And the darkness seems too dark
In this April winter’s frost

But we will carry you
We will help you stand
We will fight the dark, and keep you close to heart
And help you conquer it

And we will carry you
We will hold you up
Though we can’t make it right, we will hold you tight
And help you conquer it

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Thank you! xx!

Great song really done you are a wonderful artist
I wish you every happiness and success

wirklich ein sehr schönes Lied
Bin wirklich begeistert

Stunning! I just lost a friend this morning (cancer). This song really spoke to me. Thank you!

I'm so sorry for your loss, and honoured to have the chance to share this at such a key time for you. With you in your grief <3

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You have a really beautiful voice.
I love this song, so beautiful. I'm from Canada and I am following this story too, which is too hard to even imagine what these families of the lost young boys who just had their whole life in front of them, are going through, especially since I am a mother of 18 and 16 who always travels by bus with his soccer team. So this story hits to close to home.

And like you said in the song, there is no words, that can take the pain away, but we need to carry these families and help them be strong.

Thank you so much @kayclarity

Thank you - it really is so very tragic, and they need our love and support xx

It must be so hard as a mother watching this unfold as you have!

Yes. I don't think there is anything more tragic and hard than to see your child gone and I pray that I will never experience it myself because I really don't think I could bear it.

Linda letra,linda voz. Diría yo cantas como los ángeles que los elevas a un lugar maravilloso; aunque triste entre tanta tristeza y lagrimas que le abrirán el camino más dulce.
Llueve, lloran y vuelan no hay otra cosa más en esta noche de estrellas y de corazones rotos..

Un gran abrazo mi chiquita..

Gracias por compartir esta belleza.

I had to Google translate, but a very beautiful message! Thank you!

A ti ...por hacerlo posible. para eso existe google que es como las notas de tu guitarra comunicarnos buenas noticias de amor.

I enjoyed your tribute very much. A beautiful song you have written. Thank you for caring and doing what you can.

Thank you <3

The news of this sad tragedy spread all the way to my side of the planet. Can't imagine the pain and sorrow these people are going through :'(.
I hope all the broken families around this accident will get carried through these hard times together with their community and all people united around them spreading strength.
Your song was so honoring and your beautiful performance really lets your warmth for the people involved shine through. I'm sure your voice is reaching out to a lot of people who need them.

Sorry for missing this and not responding! Thank you so much for your kind words; I really do hope the song has done some good! It's been so tragic.

Very touching music and lyrics ❤ I believe you're making a difference with your dedication of this song and the message of your music.

Thank you for your kind comment. I do very much hope so!

Hey @kayclarity, nice singing as always, commemorative and touching song, also i will send u a message on Discord to reply, i have good news from Edgar

I have included you in my Judge's List for Week 80
Please read the full review here

Thank you so much, friend! Sorry for the spotty communication - I'm trying to do better to keep up, but have not been spending nearly as much time here lately. But thank you!! :) And I'll check discord soon!

You're welcome. Yeah no worries. I know how it is.