Steemit Open Mic Week 84 - Sami D. Barid - Fall (Original Guitar song)

in #openmic5 years ago


And if i fall on my knees,
would you talk to me?
And if they all wouldnt be...
You could probably love me...

And if they all couldnt see,
how you`re ashamed of me,
there would be a chance for me,
that you love me...


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Wow what a beautiful song

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Wow mate nice to hear that you sing and play guitar too, awesome stuff mate just love it <3

Btw I wanted to have a chat with you on discord if possible, I have an opportunity that I think you might be interested in - my name is krystle there too :D

Wow, your voice is Sting-like - really like the song. I would love to see you also playing the guitar :)
For next time, record both :P
Keep it going! Really awesome

Well done, it's posts like this that help grow Steem!

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Sweet guitar and harmonies, man! You got that right, Sami - having fun is priceless - as is your talent brother... Loved this quick composition and all its wonderful dynamics.