Steemit Openmic 151 'Running out of Steem'

in #openmic2 years ago (edited)

This is my entry for Steemit openmic 151, which sadly seems to have run out of Steem.

'Nobody Home - Pink Floyd'

Unofficial as no more competitions have been posted for the last 2 weeks. I can only hope this is for lack of interest and nothing more serious.

So, I hope you are well @luzcypher and nothing ails you. I will continue to post under the openmic tag each week, and perhaps you will return at some point when/if things pick up a little more.

Anyway, please enjoy, and thank you for watching :)


Open mic will be continuing actually in collaboration with sonic groove, you can see the details here :

Ty @juliakponsford for the info :)

Just saw your question sorry, sonicgroove is another tribe just like creativecoin, palnet etc. you dont need to make an account you already have one because you are on steem, I should have linked you with a different URL :)

I'm not sure what front end you use but you can see the post if you look up user @swelker101

Ty Julia :)

this is a wonderful remake of floyd, well done!!~!.

Ty @torico, and your right I didn't O.o put it now :)

Ty Alex :)

R u back yet ?

im in rishikesh for a while! what about u??!

Fingers crossed - beginning of September :)

That was a really cool cover of the Floyd!