My Latest Dyebath: Before & After

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Greetings Steemians ♡ I wanted to share with you some photos from before and after my latest dye bath! After sewing, I finally had enough pieces to give color to. I dyed seven garments total - Six of which were tops, and the seventh being a pair of shorties. I used extract from the cutch tree which produces warm golden to light brown shades. Some of these were spoken for beforehand, while some are still available and up for grabs.

I used an organic hemp/cotton stretch fabric to create these garments.









I pulled this size Medium bralette top out of the bath earlier to achieve a lighter shade. This was a custom for a goddess who is breastfeeding, so I made it easy to untie around the neck. These halters are super comfortable to wear. I hope she'll get good use out of it! It makes me so happy to see my creations go to good homes ♡ The rest are still drying outside since they came out of the bath later, but they're nearly dry at this point.



~ @hempress


They all turned out great, I love the rich brown colour, as a breastfeeding mama these do look very comfortable and practical, well done @hempress

Thank you soo much @trucklife-family !! I'm so pleased with how they came out.
Hope this finds you well ♡

these are beautiful!

Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate you ♡

I just love the idea of natural dye and how lovely and warm the color is, plus taking it out early to get lighter colors - just fantastic. I am not good with fabric (yet), although I am working on a project in which I would create a product from recycled fabric - because that would help the earth - there is such a glut of used fabric now on the earth.

Soooo nice! I always wanted to do some herbal dye.