Let's talk about web 3.0

Let's talk about WEB 3.0, so I finally came with this and an explanation, what is WEB 3.0 for?

  • Let's imagine that you are watching a video or playing a game - web 3.0 rewards you with all kinds of prizes (I mean money)!
  • Social media don't look at what the state says. Because they are created by many people (same as DAOs, which are votes also have the most people's opinions), networks are created according to people's opinions.
  • Staking (or otherwise pledging money for interest). Imagine this, we go to the bank and say I want to bet my money on interest, of course only after a year you will be able to take the money, and the money you earned. Crypto staking (or even DEFI) has flexable (you can take it when you want) or only up to 120 days. And even though you won't be able to cash out for 120 days, you'll get rewarded every day (or after 7 days)!

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