Started playing osu!

in #osu3 years ago


Recently I have been bored with the games I have been playing all summer and now when I had to go back to school I wanted to try new games, and one of those was osu!. I did not know much about the game when I started playing it but slowly by playing the easiest difficulty maps I started to get better at clicking circles.
Ive been playing osu for 2days now and I really like it and I see myself playing it frequently in the future.
If anyone cares here is my first 2days on osu!


You are free to add me on osu! and we could sometimes play multiplayer.
If you have any advice for me how to get better at the game, then I would appreciate it if you commented it under this post :)
Im also open for more new games so I could take suggestions of those in the comments aswell.