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Who is your friend,that is the question everyone should ask themselves.

Sometimes you see your friend as an adviser,saviour,helper etc.. While some see it in other way round.

I will like to say the best friend you could trust is Jesus and else trust no one.

Many people get to where their are now due to the choice of friends their make, which might be either good or bad

That is why you always need to choice your friend wisely: show me your friends and I will tell you who you are:


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I want to tell you a short story of a friend who just finished his NYSC Searching for a better job

One faithful day he received a call from who he called faithful friend to come for a visit,getting there their loaded themselves in a car unknow to him the car was a stolen car..

No one know,how their came across the police on the road chasing the particular vehicle maybe the owner as reported to the police

Immediately the others guys observe this, their came out from the car and flee from the car and left this young guy alone.

By the time the police men get there, their arrested the man.though he was claiming he know nothing, but tell me who is there to defend him

Did you know this young man was jail for the offense he knew nothing about and that is how their ruin his life..

My advice for everyone reading my post please choice your friend wisely

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What a sad story! If he had known what they would do to him, he wouldn't have even called them his friends.

Keeping friends requires one to choose wisely and be sure to keep a small circle of friends and know how much you can trust them.

Friends can destroy but friends can also help you beyond what you would ever think of.

Nice write up about friends, thanks for sharing.

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That is just the truth,chosing wisely is just the best thanks for stopping by to read

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This is quite tragic, and so obvious we know the set of people we can brag about as friends
Some are good and some are worst, our choice really matters..
Nice one.

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Indeed the only friend we could trust is Jesus. It reminds me of one of my favorite hyms (There’s not a Friend like the lowly Jesus)

Quite a story. Friends will only disappoint been humans. We are to be very discerning and selective when choosing a friend.

Everyone is not meant to be our friends, we don't have to hate them but a form of distance should put in place to avoid certain situation as narrated in you post. thanks for sharing this post man.

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This is the truth bro the only friend we have is Jesus, only him can take our sorrows away, what a privilege to carry everything to him in prayer.. Is always a faithful friend..

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Such a sad story. Perhaps he didn't get to know those friends until he was implicated. We need to choose our kinds of friends by first studying them.

The kind of friends we we keep says a lot on how far one will go in life, our friend can make or destroy us.
May we not be a victims of a bad friends .and that's the reason one needs to very careful when choosing a friend.

This content is very good and on the other side a sad one for the young man that just finished his NYSC.

Base the body of this article,it is very vital that who know who will are moving with,this on one said as a lot to do with our life,one of my Father's adage is your friend can be the reason you will go up and also the reason you will go down,but of all we should all choose who will fellow wisely

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That is the truth their can determine ones failure and success.i pray we wouldn't choice the one that will kill or destroy our life's

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