New Gang in Dhaka city

in #palnet7 months ago

I was returning home from Bashundhara residential area. There was some money in the left pocket of the pants. I boarded the local bus. There is no place to sit. After crossing Kuril Bishwa Road, two men got down from the bus. There were many people standing in the whole bus but one guy asked me to sit in the seat where many people were standing instead of sitting in that seat then he specifically asked me to sit. After some distance, the seat next to me was empty and another person sat there. I suspected that he was somehow following me. I was very careful because I had money in my pocket. After the ECB arrived, the man suddenly sat on the seat behind me and vomited on me, maybe somehow he understood that I was alert. After vomiting, while getting off the bus, I saw the pocket cut. Alhamdulillah could not take the money. This is very scary. I would like to alert everyone of you to remain alert about this new gang especially to all the brothers and sisters living in Dhaka city.

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