Terracore Update - Advancing Each Day

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It has been a while since I have not provided an update on my progress in the game of Terracore. A game where you need to keep the focus and claim the precious crypto a few times a day.

Once a day, you fight around 6 opponents and you fight vigorously to steal their precious scrap. It is one feature I like in the game. This morning I stole around 35 scrap in one run.

It is cool when you hit a big number because it helps to upgrade more rapidly your components.

The progress I have made so far

Since my last update two weeks ago, I upgraded a few components to battle higher players. As I mentioned, I keep playing without putting more money into the game.

My current stats into Terracore:

  • Stash Size: 572.935
  • Favor: 389.477
  • Dodge: 7.662
  • Luck: 4.287
  • Crit hit: 7.092
  • Engineering: 10
  • Damage: 100
  • Defense: 120

What I plan next

I am working hard to get more power on the battlefield. What do I mean by that?

My next target tomorrow is to upgrade my damage to 110, and then immediately after, I plan to increase my defense to 130.

The higher the attack, the more scrap you can steal from your opponents on the battlefield. In return, you can advance more rapidly, a win-win tradeoff.

One thing I enjoy is the notion of progression built into the game. It is not so easy, and this is what I enjoy while am playing a game.

What I discovered lately

It seems a lot of players boost their attack more than their defense. The latest players who steal the most of my scrap are players with 130 of attack.

I presume their strategy is advancing much faster by stealing the most scrap possible.

Personally, I will not follow this strategy because I prefer to upgrade my defense a little higher than my attack. My strategy is to boost my dodge with a higher defense.

The aim is to protect the much scrap as possible. It is like having an army of samurai protecting your valuable assets from robbery.


Terracore is still an idle game, but you need to think strategically about what you are going to upgrade next. It will make a difference in your battlefield stats.

Don't make the mistake of boosting your engineering too high without making sure your defense is adequate for your level. Otherwise, you will have an army of fighters just waiting at the corner to rob you.

Not a cool feeling, and this will not help you advance into the game. It is better to have a good game experience and enjoy upgrading and playing Terracore.

I wish you a beautiful day!



Good to know that you are going to stick with your strategy, It will be helpful for me as well as other players to compare how things would have worked the other way around.
Keep it up.

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Terracore is a game of patience and dedication. :)

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Do you have an idea of how much money I can use to start Terracore?

You just need to pay the entrance fees to be eligible to play, which is around 30 Hive if my memory is good. In my case, I just keep playing without buying scrap on the open market.


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