All I want for Christmas is some C-19

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15 hours in bed and still I didn't want to get up; fucking ridiculous and a massive waste of time. It's not that I spent 15 hours sleeping, oh no.., maybe 2 hours max before I woke up. Thanks 'torn rotator cuff', you are not helping things at all.

I am probably 5 days in now, the worst day being the 20th of December when I had a headache from hell, alongside uncontrollable shivers.


Some Solpadol took care of the headache, now renamed Co-Codamol here in the UK for reasons unknown. I’m sure 60mg of Codeine isn’t doing me much good besides building an unhealthy addiction.

COVID is a strange virus in the sense that it gives false hope. You think it's on the way out and then suddenly hits you again in a different place. I have had a recursion of the shivers and the solution is simple. Get in bed and make sure it's warm.

As of now, I seem to be in remission again, and well enough to type this out. Doing a 'Tales of the Urban Explorer' could be more challenging. I'm sleeping badly; food seems unappetising, though I have kept my senses of smell and taste.


It couldn’t have come at a better time, and it wasn’t me being careless and picking my nose after handling a shopping trolley at the local supermarket. @dismayedworld brought it in and she can’t be blamed for that, shit happens.

Everything seems like an effort, and bed seems more preferable to me here writing this.


Nooo ! Arf, surely not the good timing :/
Have some rest and try maybe a combo of vitamins C & D as well with some Zinc, did well for me ! There’s also the Ravinsara essential oil !

Courage !

Nooo ! Arf, surely not the good timing :/

Indeed, it's royally fucked up our Xmas. Can't invite my mum over now on the 25th. We will delay it until the virus has been defeated.

Yeah, that really sucks,
but rest well before !

take extra vitamin C preferably the liposomal variety and double up on the amount of zinc supplement. take paracetamol and rest, codeine isn't yer best option. get well soon chopsie mate!

codeine isn't yer best option.

I was amazed it removed the headache. I didn't know what to do on the 20th, sat in bed hoping it would subside. It's just making me knackered all the time now.

Can you get Ivermectin in the UK? It is a great treatment for C19.

I have heard about it, but am unsure. I called the doc who prescribed me Codeine.. (already have that). Hear its cost first, and care secondary. The NHS doesn't like dishing out on new expensive medicine and will always use the cheap-arse option.

Ivermectin is super cheap, it has been around for years, it won a nobel prize in 2015 and has been given to millions, if not billions of people.
It did help me and some friends. With it C19 was tough for 1 day, + 3-4 days of feeling tired. Unfortunately in Austria it is very hard to get.

Ivermectin is currently not approved in the UK for the prophylaxis or treatment of COVID-19

A quick check revealed the above. No matter, I think I am over the worst of it.

With it C19 was tough for 1 day, + 3-4 days of feeling tired

This I can relate to, using what I have. The 1 day was bad though..

What a pain, hope you feel better soon.

I think I might be 5-6 days in, it took me around 2-3 to test as it was just a niggly throat and then kind of went mad. Not feeling as bad today, hoping I'm over the worst part.

Get well soon! (Gute Besserung!)

Thanks mate, feeling well enough to type this up and reply says I'm on the mend.

Oh no! Feeling for you mate. Stay in bed and get better soon.

It's not so bad now, besides everything being an effort. The 90-year old simulator is in me now. I heard about it from others.

There's various bugs going around. I hope to avoid them, but not easy when people want to get together.

It wasn't me being careless, when another family member gets it.. you're doomed. Long ago I took to rubbing my eyes, nose etc when outside.. with the back of my hand. It has served me well.

I thought I could put on the precious, disappear and avoid covid-chan...I was wrong.

I hope you feel better soon.

he precious, disappear and avoid covid-chan.

Thanks, that would have been great. 😀

Ah, that absolutely blows, man. I hope you feel better asap. Fuck covid.

Noight dude, that sucks donkey ass! I'm so sorry. I really am wishing you well and hope that the bug buggers off soon and you can be back up and running in no time. It's a stupid virus but seems almost intelligent as it affects people in so many different ways. Found out a bit ago that I had it after I told a nurse that half my hair fell out and not as a result of chemo or the like. Made sense that I was so ill back then. Hope you feel loads better soon!

It's a stupid virus but seems almost intelligent as it affects people in so many different ways.

Yes, it seems to try different things on different days, but as it's a virus it's not as clever as us humans heh..

Stay hydrated. Warm broth helped me get through a lot of the bullshit that C19 brings with it.

Only just seen this, hope you're feeling better soon.

We all kind of got it, improving by the day... thanks!

Awwww. Sorry to hear! Such bad timing! I hope you are feeling a little better today.

Its a sneaky little devil, doing u-turn, just when you think its gone.

Its a sneaky little devil, doing u-turn, just when you think its gone.

Hope it keeps going the same way.. OUT! 😀

Yes!! Feel better! Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery, I got hit with (the dreaded lurgy) Covid-19 in March this year, and then ended up with Long Covid, so I feel your pain.

Pace yourself, get plenty of rest, and if you've not got some, Vitamin C helps.
Sending get well vibes,
Annabelle 😷

You are suffering from Covid. I am sorry to hear. As this post is 13 days old, I hope that you would have recovered. I heard of someone else's covid experience. She also couldn't eat anything, not a single pistachio.

How are you sure that you got infected because of the trolly? I mean there may be some other source. Well, what has happened cannot be changed. I just wish you a quick recovery 🌹