Steem's Newest Feature—GIFs! | I coded a GIPHY Steem Bot! | Have fun!

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Hi everyone! I'm pleased to announce a new bot on the Steem blockchain—GIPHY!

In case you have been living under a rock, GIPHY is the first and largest GIF search engine on the internet. In technical terms, a GIF is an image format that is animated (but can also be static). GIFs were very popular in the web 1.0 days, here's a little reminder:




Are those memories flooding back now?

These days, the GIF has turned into a humorous conversation device. They say a picture can tell a thousand words—so I guess a GIF can speak millions!

How do I use GIPHY on Steem?

It's really simple! Just type !giphy followed by your search word in any comment. GIPHY will hear your call (hopefully) and reply back to you with an appropriately chosen GIF.

e.g. !giphy typing

How to keep GIPHY running

  1. Delegate a little SP to @giphy to give it ample opportunity to comment. If the SP reaches a level where it can vote past the dust threshold, @giphy may be able to reward its delegators with upvotes.

Delegation links: 5 SP, 10 SP, 25 SP, 50 SP, 100 SP

  1. Upvote the comments that @giphy leaves. Payouts will be powered up to provide more GIFs on the blockchain!
  2. Any other STEEM/SBD donations will be used to pay for the costs of running it in AWS.

Some technical information for developers

  • Runs on Node.js using the steem-js library + managed by PM2.
  • Uses the GIPHY search API:
  • The GIF rating is set at G (Content that is appropriate for all ages and people).
  • Language is EN (English only).
  • GIPHY has approved this application for the Steem blockchain and is using a production API key:

Questions and feedback?

Please leave a comment below (and a GIF!).

What are you waiting for?
GIF away in the comments!


This is awesome: !giphy love

I'll make my little delegation with joy.


Thank you so much @amico!

!giphy hug

My pleasure, mate! ;)

!giphy welcome

Oh great!

Big plastic hug

Steemitri The !giphy mannequin

!giphy haha

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i delegated to you 10 SP
!giphy thank+you

Wow, this is great!
If I feed giphy with the word organ, what will the result be? The instrument, or some bodily component?

!giphy organ

Well that’s pretty accurate @partitura!

!giphy awesome

!giphy wow

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Hahahahaha this is awesome!!!!

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Did I read Wow that's !giphy epic

I used to have a geocities site 🤓

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!giphy wonderful

This looks great. Thank you!

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Glad you like it.

!giphy thumbs+up

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A bot that everyone (not only the nerds) can use. Thank you for your work!

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