CO2 and Climate Change - Bad Science Leads to Bad Policy - Please Share This Video - Enjoy with Troy!

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Dr. John Robson, Historian, Explains The Truth...

and notes that everything the global warming alarmist have told us it going to happen in the future is incompatible with what has happened in the past. Evaluating the climate historically you see three things.

  1. Carbon dioxide does not correlate with temperature.

  2. The earth's climate has repeatedly changed, dramatically sometimes suddenly in ways that science cannot explain. But CO2 is not one of them.

  3. There was periods when our earth was warmer than today, but it was not a wasteland.

The alarmists have been winning over common sense. by a combination of bullying and audacity, but there is an increase of skepticism. The warming that has been going on has stopped.

I am concerned about bad science leading to bad policy.

John became a historian because the best guide to the future is the past. Geologists are most skeptical of the climate change propaganda. John is doing a documentary project on climate change called, 'The Environment, A True Story,' that looks at the past history of the earth. It notes that Carbon Dioxide and temperature do not correlate. These semi irregular Cycles do not lend themselves to modeling.

The video is at 6:52 in length. Take a listen and learn. The liner notes are below.

Holly Nicholas interviews Rebel's resident Historian, John Robson, about his latest documentary project to help dispel much of the scaremongering around climate change hysteria. MORE:

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As Old George Says...

People can't take care of themselves, what makes them think they can help this world survive. The earth has been taking care of itself for centuries. It will be around long after we are gone. Yep. Old George Carlin was spot on.

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We could stop polluting the earth.

But, as you said, CO2 is not a pollutant, does not cause global warming, nor cooling.

The "science" behind climate change has never been released for anyone else to scrutinize. And really, if there was a run-away event, then it would have likely happened all ready. On the contrary, the earth shows an immense ability for self regulation.

Taxing CO2 is just a tax on living with electricity.
It is about getting the people to pay more for less.

That people who believe in actual science are called science deniers... then what?

Indeed true. I continue to shed light on this and hope to perhaps un-brainwash a few. Thanks my friend @builderofcastles