A day like today: Dante Alighieri

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In some humans the best weapon is the imagination, with the favors of fantasy, great loves are lived or great revenge is taken.

One of those characters, a great dreamer, was called Dante Alighieri, author of great works, among which La Comedia stands out. Yes, Comedy, just like that; but it was a work so appreciated by the public, that the editors soon changed its name and called it as people called it: The Divine Comedy.

There Dante, in an imaginary journey through the world beyond, allows us to reflect on this true world in which we live.

In the circles of hell and purgatory, Dante places the humans of all the spiders: the greedy and traitors, the liars ... and throughout the trip, Dante finds the greedy, the violent, the fraudulent . And he continues to find space in the circles of torment for the courtiers and flatterers, for those who traffic with power and justice...

Readers of his time found in the hell prominent politicians of the time, and not even the Popes escaped, to whom he subjected the torment of the traitors and vain.

Immersed in political conflicts of the time, Dante Alighieri was sentenced to the stake by Pope Boniface VIII, but managed to flee, and his wandering life was a stimulus for his literary work.

Dante Alighieri was disappearing on a day like today, September 14, 1321. And above time and silence, we remember him when he said:

"Never for the love of peace and deceptive tranquility, repudiate your own convictions."