A day like today: Leon Trotsky

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In a home of Russian intellectual Jews, at the end of the 9th century, Lev Davidovich Bronstein was born, who from a young age knew of intense political passions. Recognized for his intelligence, as a teenager, he founded labor unions and confederations and met, for this reason, persecution and imprisonment.

That Tsarist Russia lived agitated moments that predicted a revolutionary change, and among these great ideologues, Lev Davidovich soon stood out, writing, waving, directing and on more than one occasion he went to the jail from where he always managed to escape, until he managed to change identity. Then he decided to take the last name of one of his fiercest jailers, his new name was Leon Trotsky and the world knew him as a brilliant intellectual and leader in the most important revolution of the 9th century: the Volchevique Revolution.

But in the struggle for power, Trotsky ended up losing and had to escape from the Soviet Union, now controlled by Stalin.

Then began a painful exile for Turkey, France, Norway and finally Mexico, invited by General Lázaro Cárdenas, president of the country. There, Trotsky dedicated himself to raising pigeons, collecting stamps and writing about literature and revolution.

And one day, a man who had earned his trust asked him to review the text of an article; Trotsky sat down and began to read, then the man attacked him with a mountaineer ice ax and caused fatal injuries. That happened on a day like today, August 20, 1940. And then the world lost Lion Trotsky, the most brilliant thinker of the Volchevique Revolution.

Trostsky, from his political vision, reminds us that: "The conquest of power by the proletariat does not mean the crowning of the revolution, but only its beginning."