Daily Hivebasicincome Share Giveaway #1

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HiveBasicIncome Daily Giveaway - No Follow, Upvote, Resteem Required


The Hiveexplorers Concept

We're here to help people, plain and simple. As we grow, you can grow along with us. Our mission is to give away one share of Hivebasicincome (HBI) to help provide as many people with their daily upvotes as possible. We plan to do this for as long as Hive prices in line with our daily payouts allow us to do so. In order to participate, please see the instructions below.

Daily Giveaway Instructions

This giveaway is for one FREE share of @hivebasicincome.

To participate complete any ONE of the following

1.) Drop some knowledge in the comments to the post with something useful that you know or have learned about Hive or anything related to this blockchain / blogging site that you believe could help either myself or others expand knowledge and growth potential.

2.) Share a story about a way you recently helped someone in the Hive community.

3.) Nominate someone you know for acts of kindness or good deeds that you think should be recognized.

Helpful or inspiring comments will gain more weight and visually will grab my attention than simply upvoting and will increase your odds of being selected

That's it!

Thank you for participating and good luck!


@hiveexplorers is owned and operated by @jonnyla08 (jonnyla08#9939 on discord)

Feel free to drop by my discord channel here:



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For me hive is more just a social community. HIVE is a place where everyone can find it's place. Personally, I learned and still keep learning a lot about investment, making money on games and sport etc here. Hive is like a big independent country! ❤️

Thank you for joining our community @irisworld and being with us through our rebranding here on Hive. We look forward to more interactions in the days to come. :)

From my understanding, hive is a place for all bloggers which has communities for any category of post which good efforts are rewarded.
It's also a spam free, original content lover and plagiarism hater.
The most important aspect of it is that it's decentralized.
For the user who inspires me, he's @ddn688
All my posts have his votes and most times he comments on them.

I learned today that the tokens of hive engine are not exactly smt's because it's not decentralized. Nevertheless I trust in hive-engine :)