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I am somewhat disappointed that I will not be able to be at HIVE Fest this week! Since watching the last Steem Fest online while the community enjoyed each other’s company in Poland, I have wanted to make the effort to go. When it was announced a couple of months ago, I immediately did the research to get to the event as it was my intention to go despite the distance and cost as I could also use the tax write off.

Unfortunately, timing was a big challenge as I just got back from a trip that was planned over 2 years ago. While I have more than enough time off to use at work, it has been too busy given the time of year and the challenges around how the economy is moving towards more uncertainty and planning gets more deliverables when that happens. I even thought of figuring out how to work while at HIVE Fest given the time zone differences and the flexibility of mobile work. However, I knew that it would be difficult to get the most out of the visit if I did so.

The location was perfect as it was not too bad to get there except the cost. I have heard great things about the city and would have loved to take the adventure. However, I would not have been able to bring the family as school has started. As I write this though, I am thinking about how my engagement would have been as I really do not know anyone and being an introvert makes it tough to meet people particularly in our online personas.

This will be a fear I need to conquer some way or form as I am headed to Splinter Fest in October. It will be interesting as it feels like I know more people there given my engagement in the Splinterlands ecosystem and the way I consume plenty of content around socials there. It will still be awkward in presenting myself but it will be a good ice to break given that I think that this Splinter Fest will only be the beginning of many as the community is truly worldwide.

I hope that HIVE Fest will also have the presentations online as I enjoyed watching them in the past despite some technical challenges often experienced. The HIVE ecosystem is growing and vibrant so it will be a great way to catch up on other projects and maybe a way to put some of my HIVE Power to work as I continue to be more purposeful with my stake on the Blockchain these days. I am sure that in the future I will be able to get to a HIVE Fest in person at some point!

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