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in #palnet3 years ago

After almost three years on Steem blockchain, I created an alt account.

I want to keep this account separated from my main one.

New Coinz falling from the sky every day and unexpectedly I became quite a big player on Steemleo site.

I'll read a lot and do manual curating, but not much posting or commenting.

This post is just my short introduction and I also need a post to pop up when I open my blog.

Well, to be honest, I also want to grab some rewards.

Who wouldn't?


I took this photo on my vacation in Dubai last year.

Steemleo word didn't even exist at that time and I couldn't imagine where could I use this photo.

But here it is.

Like our coinz.

You never know.

My today's investment advice to stay in line with the site policy:

HODL with me, suckers!

Happy investing, my lions.


Good to see these .leo, .pal etc accounts pop up. With your stake it makes total sense to have the tokens staked on different accounts.

Are you doing a bit of 'cleaning' whilst curating? I'm seeing tag abuse and will likely be issuing some downvotes for blatant poor form.


I just did the same.
Here goes an upvote, to oldtimer from another oldtimer :)

hehe I love it. The profile pic, the lion art (I wish I could buy that piece of art for the Steemleo collection) 😉

Alt accounts are likely going to be even more popular in the years to come as these tribal communities continue to spring up.

Let's HODL together 🧡 Thanks for helping with curation and everything here on Steemleo. The community is awesome. YOU are awesome!

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