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Seen some posts about Steemit needing some support, but I have a different idea. Hug-A-Rock. I just got this beautiful piece of Iranian Turquoise from someone very dear to me.



In a book I read that Turquoise has beneficial properties.

Turquoise is the stone of wholeness and truth and is said to contribute to wellness, restore vitality and lift saggy spirits. This is just the kind of stone Steemit needs don't you think?


We could turn this into a regular Hug-A-Rock thing, so if you have any rocks to contribute for us to hug for Steemit this week, please post them in the comments to get a few votes. Please try to contribute the supportive stones, but if all you have is any old pebble, it is welcome too, so long as it is natural. No brick or concrete please, they are relegated to the not yet launched Snuggle-A-Stone week which is a future project and may or may not involve a Trebuchet.


I want to see the hug! :D :D :D

Hi Lynds! My Photographer has not generated that image just yet, but stick around, it may happen.

I'll be sure to ask everyone to contribute both the stone and the hug if I do another hug-a-rock thing.

A box of pebbles.
"What is most important is probably invisible to the eye." (Drawing and quote from Saint Exupery; Le Petit Prince

  • Beneficial properties: keeps one eternally young at heart; against forgetting.

Great steem effort! Hope all your projects come off the ground. Will be supporting them. Working on a trebuchet

Thank you for your support towards remembering. The Trebuchet will come in handy when handing them back the Ton of Bricks they so carelessly dropped.

Heavens above! What brickload are you expecting next? I hope the kind that come in handy building bridges.

Think a Trebuchet could help relocate the bricks to the building site across the abyss? I ask because it could speed things up if we build from either side and meet in the middle.

You SOB, that's not how bridges are built! You may count your lucky bricks if they haven't been dumped on your feet in a big fat pile. You may count your blessings even more if they HAVE: because such quantities are hard to find!

It's generally baking one brick at a time, collecting a little barrowful, schlepping them and stacking them one by one all the way till you have enough bridge for a rest and a game of Pooh sticks. And then there is more schlepping and stacking.

In the meantime you can still drag the trebuchet along, to ward off brick filchers always on the look out to sneak up and grab a brick while the cement is not yet dry.

Nobody has shown me a blueprint, does that mean I get to do it my way? Prolly not, huh? Ok, waiting on SOD for balueprint.

Keep reading GA 16

That is a gorgeous little bit of turquoise. Give it a hug for me. Here is a rock to contribute. I found several pieces of green crystal this past weekend in a scree slope on the side of the mountain between Springville and Provo, Utah. The green color is much more apparent to the eye than my cell phone camera was able to capture. I think this might be green fluorite, in which case it is supposedly clears negative energy from any environment :)


Hello @carlgnash, thank you for your fine contribution. Looks like it's packed in snow.

These rocks are the best! The ones that hopefully don't quite literally fall on your foot, but your footfall practically lands you on. It will be clear of any commercial and Gaia-violating activities, that is for sure, meant precisely for you and yours! A true gem, whatever it is called.

Aretes Turquesa.jpg

greetings my dear @onnovocks that stone is lovely its turquoise color I love that my favorite color coincidentally some time ago I published in Steemit some earrings in that color.

Sorry to have missed your post but glad you had the opportunity to display them here again.

Thank@onnovocks you you are such a gentleman and sweet , I appreciate you very much

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Here in this image there are some soft turquoise jade stones or Turkish stone, although it does not shine harmoniously the energy is hard and has been cataloged as, magic stone, I hope this project leads Steem to harmonize and remain firm and its bases are built with love to give confidence and wisdom, a hug.


I only recently learned four new things about the Turquoise:

  • It is what the Americans call Rhinestone.
  • It is actually a very soft stone (and why it ususally gets tumbled to help harden it) (But turquoise as a colour is indeed a very light-filled colour and therefore has a "hard"/bright energy.) It's softness is also reflected in how permeable it is, influenced by external factors it will discolour easily.
  • Tibetan turquoise is quite (pale) green in comparison (and often white and even softer on the inside)
  • It is called Turquoise after Turkey (from where it travelled onwards to spread over Europe), which you already knew! Not after the colour which comes from the stone.
    I do believe that the Man behind the Hug-A-Rock post is quite as soft (if tumbled), bright, and harmonious as his crystal!

Thank@sukhasanasister you for your excellent documentation and research every day you learn

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