Find the catchphrase!

in #palnet3 years ago

I guess I have more time on my hands in the lockdown

Find the phrase represented by the whole image below. It can be a word, a saying and everything in the middle.

I will add a clue in the comments below, only look if you need to.



My answer:

Clue: It is very topical at the moment...

Hey pandasquad.

Just wondering why you are not posting something like. I like these brainteasers.

I hope you will get this going again and let us exercise our brains.

Yeah I may do some more at some point.

Not many people read them though, I do have probably over 100 on my blog if you deep dive into it

Thanks for stopping by and saying you enjoy them though

I would have upvoted your post, but it already paid out years ago 🤣

Not many people, because I wasn't here years ago.
More people joined Hive blogging now, maybe you should reconsider your hiatus 😎