The Re-Hive Contest - Results Week 10 & Start Week 11

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And the winners are...

Let’s have a look at the nominated from @melinda010100’s Shadow hunter contest:


This week we also have 2 extra nominations…

@iptrucs nominated by @trincowski
@elgranpoeta nominated by @juancho10

Good luck to all! And now, let’s have a look at the lists…!

The list before randomizing...


The list after randomizing...


Congratz @zhanavic69, all your posts will be re-hived and upvoted for one week and you will also get 205 UFM tokens!
Congratz @emiliocabrera, all your posts will be re-hived and upvoted for one week and you will also get 100 UFM tokens!
Congratz @arrliinn, all your posts will be re-hived for one week and you will also get 50 UFM tokens!

A big THANK you to @taskmanager from #UpFundMe who sponsors this contest by giving away UFM tokens!

You won nothing? Maybe next week you will have better luck... In the meantime you might also take a look at my renewed dice game...
Just check my introduction post and keep an eye on my feed...

Want to try your luck too? Just read the rules and… start nominating!

The rules

  • All winners of @melinda010100’s Shadow hunter contest are automatically nominated for this contest.
  • Anyone can write a comment on this post where he/she nominates someone for this contest.
  • Preference goes out to photographers or artists but any talented user can be nominated.
  • You can’t nominate yourself! (that would be too easy) 😉
  • The game is open to everybody who wants to participate. No resteems or upvotes of this post are required (although they’re are appreciated of course 😉)
  • As this is still a try-out, rules, prizes, frequency… are subject to change overtime… let’s see if there is some interest first
  • The end of the nomination-period is at payout-time of this post… results will be posted 1 day later.
  • My human reserves the right to refuse a nomination based on his own subjective standards. (Well, sorry, but in the end, he's the boss)
  • There is a maximum of 1 nomination per participant...
  • In the unlikely event something should not be clear... that's what the comments are for!

The Prizes

All names will be put on a list and 3 winners will be selected after randomizing that list on
The number 1 will have all his posts re-hived and upvoted for one week. He will also get 5 UFM in steem-engine (and later in Hive Engine)
The number 2 will have all his posts re-hived and upvoted for one week.
The number 3 will have all his posts re-hived for one week.
In case 1 of the 3 is a nominated account, the one who nominated him will also get 5 UFM

And now it's up to you... I’m waiting for your nominations!!!

And don’t forget…


PS: My friend @sandymeyer created this nice “delegate-bar” in case you want to support this account. All HP that this account earns through curating is shared among the delegators.

50 HP|100 HP|250 HP|500 HP|750 HP|1000 HP|2000 HP|5000 HP|10000 HP

If you enjoy my upvotes, don’t forget to pay my delegators a little visit to show your appreciation…
Right now, they are :



Oh! Great winners selection! I am so excited for the winners! Congrats to @zhanavic69 @emiliocabrera and @arrliinn
I hope these re-hives bring lots of new eyes to your posts. Do some high quality posts this week to show off your best work!
UFM tokens are one of my favorites. I just bought 1000 of them today.

Oh, this is fantastic! Thank you so much, @pixresteemer and @melinda010100. I had fun joining the contest.

I look forward to seeing your posts get re-hived this week! Take advantage of it and make some great posts!


All tokens send! Congratz to the winners 👍

Congratulations @pixresteemer! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

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More cheerful and happy than a child with his birthday cake with this prize, that the first is to compete and if you win much better, how nice that this type of activity and have your support. We will continue to see each other. Greetings and Thank you.

Congrats to you! I appreciate your enthusiasm! I hope to see you win again in the future.

I am happy to participate and happier I am to be among the winners, I also congratulate all those who participated with their incredible entries. Thanks to @ merlinda010100 t to all the organizers of this exciting event

Congrats to you! I was very happy to see your name on the winners list! Be sure and make lots of great posts this week to take advantage of the re-hives that Pix will do!

Thanks friend, I will try, right now the Internet is presenting problems but I hope to improve soon. Thanks again.

I hope your internet becomes much more reliable very soon and that you have a great week ahead!

For this week I nominate the winner of the Seaphotography contest Week 89 - @hangin

I nominate @dksart
His artwork is amazing