Starting from zero

in #palnet4 years ago

After contemplating my options I have decided to make an experiment. Can you actually grow an account on Palnet starting from scratch?

I am not a newbie, you can find my misplaced ideas under the avatar of @onthewayout where I sometimes vomit on the keyboard whatever my brain comes up with. The main reason for this is that voting affects both the STEEM and the PAL rewards and most of the authors that I follow do not post using Palnet.

So let's see, maybe this is what I need to do get the thoughts that I have out of my head and into the wild. Anyway it's late here and I need some sleep.

Image from Pixabay


Well, this should be an interesting experiment, I'll be curious to see how this goes.

I am also curious, thanks for stopping by.

I will follow and watch, I am doing or trying to use my ALT account on PALnet only, not to successfully yet, but am transitioning. I do not post much on my ALT account and it is totally random stuff, my experimental account for when I feel like experimenting, so it will be fun to watch your efforts I think.

I am sure we are not the only ones that thought about it.

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