Look around you in London

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It's surprising how much you can see from buildings that you use every day but never noticed. Take for example the main railway stations in London. Most were built during the Victorian days, the heyday of the British empire. The have iron (or metal ) frames supporting glass(?) window panes high up on the ceiling. This allows the light through, and protects people from the cold, wind and rain. England wouldn't be England without the rain.DSC_7797.JPG

The red brick walls and supporting pillars can clearly be seen, standing the test of times. Somewhere in between, modern day shops have snuck in, as if saying "I want to be part of this". DSC_7800.JPG

And it's not just the building. There's also life. People as expected, but there's more. Birds, of all types fly in and out of the entrances. They co exist with the people. In fact, you can say they live off the people. Pecking up the crumbs from people's sandwiches.
If you pay notice, theres a lot you can see around you.


I agree, if you look around you while you go on your daily business, you can see a lot of wonderful and amazing things.

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