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RE: The Rival: Warcraft III at WorldCyberGames with 40.000$ Pricemoney!

in #palnetlast year

This was one of my favorite game. And the story being WC III should the the next movie.

I'm very happy that blizzard reborn it .

Never forget the orc peasants sound when you click on them :

Work! Work!


The lore of Wc3 is really epic and was the foundation of the WoW Univers, great stuff for movies

So you played Orc :D

Lok'tar Ogar

For the HORDE!.

WC all captains with horde and alliance. But more like the horde
In WoW i played with trolls . Mostly mage or priest , But didnt play from years. Not i'm thinking to take Vanila because old friends call me all the time

fCk yeah! I saw some Vanilla Streamer on Twitch and tuned in for hours... can u remember your first WOW character? Dude... it was Mind-Blowing!

Hell yeah it was Orc shaman