Daily Giveaway #450

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SteemBasicIncome Daily Giveaway - No Follow, Upvote, Resteem Required


Opening Remarks

Steemexplorers is a discord server that serves as a database containing free and easy to use information on a wealth of services and communities on the Steem blockchain. Stop by and find some things to help yourselves grow. We also have FREE upvote bots there. The steemexplorers upvote bot has loads of staked coins for almost every Steem-Engine tribe for added curation benefits and is free to use right through our discord channel at the link below. How can you argue with free votes across all platforms?! Come visit us today.

Learn more at our discord at the link below.


Daily Giveaway Instructions

This giveaway is for one FREE share of @steembasicincome.

There may be occasions where we will also randomly give away a steem monsters rewards cards IN ADDITION to the shares of Steembasicincome that are awarded.

To participate complete any ONE of the following

1.) Drop some knowledge in the comments to the post with something useful that you know or have learned about Steemit or anything Steemit / STEEM related that you believe could help either myself or others expand knowledge and growth potential.

2.) Share a story about a way you recently helped someone in the Steemit community.

3.) Nominate someone you know for acts of kindness or good deeds that you think should be recognized.

Helpful or inspiring comments will gain more weight and visually will grab my attention than simply upvoting and will increase your odds of being selected

That's it!

Thank you for participating and good luck!


@steemexplorers is owned and operated by @jonnyla08


I nominate @ketcom, a dear friend who created several posts to help me get started playing Splinterland. Here is his latest.

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Steemit helped me with sharing my passion about games and all things related to them. Because of steemit I think that if someone is good in something they should post it here and show the world how cool their hobby/idea is!


You have been supported by members of the SBI community that follow this new plan of action.

Thanks for being a part of this awesome community. Keep on doing what you are doing!

I helped enough steemians in my steem journey and still helping them. Why you are downvoting me @jonnyla08 can you explain ?

I was trying to figure out how to use the automated tool that ctime and mmmmkkkk311 keep using to auto-downvote anyone that gets an upvote from SBI but I removed the rights to that program within the hour I was testing it out so either ctime or mmmmkkkk311 must have upvoted you in that time span I was testing things out and the program did it automatically. I will remove them. Apologies.

Great progress achieved on the splinterland platform.

Engage with others often this way you will meet new people on here and there is a chance that this will increase your own post engagement.

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