What To Do if you are experiencing blurry vision

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What do I do if my vision is not clear?

*Consult an Optometrist to examine your eyes and discover the cause of the poor wision that you may be experiencing. *In managing refractive errors, spectacles (glasses) or contact lenses may be prescribed by your Doctor as one of the treatment options available.

It is not advisable to use such devices or products without professional examination and prescription by an eye Doctor.
There are number of possible causes of blurry wision, such as cataracts, refractive errors, infections, dry eye, trauma, acute glaucoma etc.Some of this factors may be wision threatening. While refractive errors may not be an gent threat to vision, it can be inconveniencing - causing discomfort, pain, poor judgment of distance, headaches in addition to blurry images. If not diagnosed and properly managed, other complications may arise.

DO I need glasses ?

Blurry or poor wision is one of the indicators that the visual system is compromised. Poor clarity of images can be experienced by both children and adults at one time or the other in their life.



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