Why I still use YouTube and Twitter

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In this HwZ 155 I give a quick talk about why I still use YouTube and Twitter. Keeping it short today, thanks for Hangin With Zainenn!

▶️ DTube
▶️ YouTube

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Good call bud I use both too but by adding the #steem element we get our rewards. Keep on Rocking

Sounds good to me. I hadn’t seen anyone using the seven77 tag like that, but it makes a ton of sense to get new users on board. I think adoption gonna start picking up pretty soon though

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Good point with storing the videos! And don't forget that you can easily back them up even on BitChute by entering your YouTube Channel ID in your Channel settings (that TV when you click on your profile pic on BitChute). You don't even have to upload them again, which is a good advantage.

I like what you propose.
So I support you 100%
I follow you in STEEMit, I give reSTEEM.
Also in PALNET.
I follow you on YouTube.
and I'll search you on twitter.
Stay Cool!!!

Great video. 👍🏽

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