My Taekwondo Idol 🥋👊

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Most people have idols. I also have a great idol in Taekwondo, Kubra Dagli where she is a world-renowned headscarf athlete.

Kubra Dagli is a 22-year-old native of Turkey and was born on February 17, 1997. She joined taekwondo at age 18. She is Redbull team. She enters the field of poomsae or is known as a taekwondo pattern. She is a Turkey athlete who is not only great in taekwondo but also a very beautiful woman with her scarf.

For me she is very respected all over the world as she still covers aurat despite joining taekwondo. She is an athlete who should be imitated by all the women out there.

I hope I can follow Kubra Dagli's recognized and respected steps across the globe.

Image source : All image are taken from Google

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