Interesting yellow orchids tips

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Yellow orchids or so-called golden showers are one of several species of orchids that exist. They bring joy to the surroundings of a house. The yellow color is very attached to friendship. Orchids that grow on trees are called epiphytes, those growing on rocks are called lithophytes, and those growing on land are called terrestrial.
I'm going to give some tips to people who want to grow a yellow orchid in the house or apartment.

What is the best place to put them in the house?
the ideal is a place where you have luminosity, humidity, temperature and correct ventilation.
Light is a factor that greatly influences its growth.
find a location in your house or apartment that is close to windows, but this space can not directly receive the sun's rays.
if the only space you have, receive solar rays, you can put a protection like curtains or filters.
you can observe the daily changes and the appearance of the leaves.
a very yellow leaf means that it is receiving a lot of light, so you will have to change it locally. If the leaves are dark it is because there is a lack of light where it is.
Ideally, the leaves are always light green, this means that your orchid is healthy.
Most orchids support temperature variations between 10 to 400 C, but the ideal temperature is around 25 degrees.
do not let the orchid stay in an environment with temperatures below 15 degrees.
To find out if your orchid is at a good temperature, look at its leaves.
if its leaves are dark and soft, the orchid is fragile due to very cold temperatures and will not defend itself against fungi and bacteria.
if its leaves are black or yellow in color it is because the temperatures are too high for the orchid.
Now about plant ventilation,
if it is very hot, you can leave the windows open to circulate the air stream in the plant.
but never let your orchid take a very cold and humid wind,
a very cold and humid wind can cause the buttons and stems to rot and cause stains on the plant.
In relation to the right dosage of water, you can water when the substrate of the plant is dry, because it is through the air that the orchid can absorb the water.

You need to be very careful so that your orchid blooms, grows and develops.
Following these tips I'm sure you'll get a healthy and beautiful orchid !!!!
It's worth having an orchid at home !!!!

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