Swapsteem SWEET'Drop - 14.5k+ SP in delegations received so far!

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Hello Steemians,

If you are not aware already, @swapsteem has decided to airdrop a total of 2.1 Mil SWEET Tokens to the steem community in return of support to the project in various ways. The airdrop has already started on 5th April, 2019 and will be running till all the 2.1 Mil tokens are distributed to the community for different contributions towards @swapsteem.

What is SWEET

As explained in the Sweet Token Announcement Post, SWEET e.g. SWAPSTEEM ENGINEERING AND ENHANCEMENT TEAM Token is a steem-engine based token issued by @swapsteem.
The purpose of the SWEET token is to reward anyone who helps @swapsteem grow while creating a use case for it as a fees payment mechanism and agent security deposit making it a platform utility token.
It will be rewarded to contributions by different type of people that include developers, bug hunters, advisors, influencers, marketers or pretty much anyone who contributes to @swapsteem and it's associate/partner projects @steemonob @steem-automation, @steem-tip, @swap-chain and more to come.

Swapsteem Delegation Report

SwapSteem is an open source project, recognized and supported by @utopian-io. Please consider delegating to @swapsteem to help us with the Development and maintenance of the application. Delegators will be rewarded SWEET tokens equal to the 10x of Daily STEEM generated from the delegation. So, if a user's delegation adds 1 STEEM worth to our vote value will be rewarded with 10 SWEET daily. The delegation will be used to upvote the Development and other contributions towards @swapsteem.

So far, we have received 15k+ SP in Delegation from the community supporters.

Delegations So Far

Vesting Shares
Delegation Time

10,001.476 SP
19.985 MVests
2019-04-13, 19:28

1,001.082 SP
2.000 MVests
2019-03-26, 16:38

1,000.509 SP
1.999 MVests
2019-04-05, 16:32

1,000.177 SP
1.999 MVests
2019-04-11, 12:13

500.174 SP
0.999 MVests
2019-04-08, 12:43

350.021 SP
0.699 MVests
2019-04-13, 14:44

300.120 SP
0.600 MVests
2019-04-07, 13:53

100.052 SP
0.200 MVests
2019-04-05, 10:34

100.043 SP
0.200 MVests
2019-04-06, 23:42

100.030 SP
0.200 MVests
2019-04-09, 09:05

50.026 SP
0.100 MVests
2019-04-05, 11:58

50.026 SP
0.100 MVests
2019-04-05, 12:39

50.026 SP
0.100 MVests
2019-04-05, 14:42

50.022 SP
0.100 MVests
2019-04-06, 21:33

20.006 SP
0.040 MVests
2019-04-09, 08:59

Call for Delegation

Higher delegations will help us encourage more people to join the Swapsteem promotion campaign and incentivize users for their contribution via upvotes on their posts and earn delegators some SWEET tokens as announced in previous posts.

Also, Delegating more than 1000 SP will get you 2x SWEET rewards while Delegating more than 10,000 SP will give you 10x rewards than the above mentioned rate.

Where To find the claimed SWEET and Trade them

SWEET is a smart contract based token created on the STEEM based sidechain called Steem-Engine. Steem-Engine is created by @aggroed, @yabapmatt @harpagon and @someguy123 who are some of the most influential people on the Steem blockchain.

You can view your tokens in the steem-keychain browser extension built by @yabapmatt @stoodkev and team. If haven't already installed it go ahead and download it from respective add on stores on Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera Browsers.

You can trade the SWEET claimed during the airdrop for STEEM, BTC, LTC, DOGE, etc on https://steem-engine.com as soon as they are issued to your account. You can also buy and HODL SWEET to enjoy HODLer perks like discounted fees up to 100% and ability to register as an escrow agent and earn fees by moderating trades on our platform.
You can also check the current market price and volume of the SWEET Token on the Market page at https://steem-engine.com.

We too will have a Dex integrated at our Beta to enable trading of most of the Steem-Engine tokens as more exchanges emerge on top of Steem-Engine and coingecko API starts supporting Steem-Engine token prices.


There is a cap of 500 SWEET per day as rewards, which means an account cannot get more than 500 SWEET airdropped in a day.


Please Follow, Resteem and Upvote this post to maximize your SWEET tokens!

Witness Campaign

Please vote for our Advisors and Steem Witnesses @firepower and @bobinson who have been constantly guiding us to build a secure and reliable exchange to bring masses to the Steem blockchain!

Upvote and Resteem this post and follow us to maximize your SWEET Rewards!

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Such an awesome initiative @swapsteem ! Glad to be holding 101 SWEET Tokens so far , best of luck to you!! Upped and resteemed to help spread the word!❤👍🙋

I've just delegated too! Lets go @swapsteem, expecting big things from this project :)

Thank you for your kind support!

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Wow. That is SWEET success. Congratulations.

Thanks @diggndeeper.com for the Delegation and kind support!

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Congratz. Good luck @swapsteem.

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Just liked, follow and resteemed

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