How to:...Transferring Hive tokens from Binance to your Hive wallet

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Having both Binance and Hive accounts, I used Binance web to make the transaction.

You need to have Hive tokens in your Binance account of course.

The withdrawal process is basically the same, SELECT Hive (which you will be transferring)except you enter YOUR Hive account name in the next step.

  1. Use YOUR Hive account name as the recipient wallet address.

  2. Network: Select HIVE.

  3. You can leave the MEMO option blank.

  4. Enter the amount of Hive tokens you want to transfer in the "Amount" field. (Make sure you have enough Hive tokens in your Binance account to cover the transfer amount and any associated fees.)

  5. Double-check the recipient address and the amount you entered to ensure accuracy.

  6. Hit the Confirm button to initiate the transfer.

  7. The transfer takes seconds to be completed.

  8. Once the transfer is successful, you will see the transferred Hive tokens in your Hive wallet.

It is important to note that this guide outlines a general process, and specific steps may vary depending on the platform or wallet you are using (I used Binance). Always follow the instructions of the platform or wallet you are using, and double-check all details before initiating any transfer.

I learnt about @hive in the @caribdao discord community . Awesome growing community.


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