Meet @coinsandchains and a way to say Thank You

Every so often you run into someone that is out there doing good things and maybe not getting the recognition that they deserve. One of the plankton we support with this account is @coinsandchains and I feel that he needs a little added recognition.

He runs a weekly (or close to weekly) "contest" where you get the opportunity to say Thank You to someone. Read what it's about:

What is The Thank You Economy contest all about?(simplified version)

An Attitude of Gratitude - The Thank You Economy is simply a way to say thank you to someone who has helped you, influenced you or blessed you in some way in the Steem community. It can be tough getting started on Steemit, and the people who have been here for a while realize that. I could see community members helping out everywhere but what can new people do to show appreciation back? Not much....

That's where the idea for the Thank You Economy contest arose, I wanted to do more to say thank you.

@coinsandchains has a ways to go to reaching minnow status, but maybe it's time for some of us to go say thank you to him for consistently helping be a positive force on the steem blockchain.

Here is the current weeks Thank You Economy Contest. Hope you get a chance to enter and give a nice upvote to @coinsandchains.

thank you contest.jpg

Image belongs to @coinsandchains


Thank you @thedarkhorse, It is much appreciated. You have a lot of awesome initiatives going on. LOL, I do have a ways to go for minnowhood, I'm a rather slow grower... It's been a relatively busy winter outside of steem so I have not posted a lot....

Thank you again for the vote of support and all of your awesome initiatives.

Thank you sir for putting in the effort week after week. Trust me I know that it takes effort to keep these things going and every so often someone needs to take a moment to give credit where credit is due.

I love the initiative :) So I mentioned it in my latest post :)

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